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Measures To Protect The Teeth Of Pe600x900 Jaw Crusher From Wear

Last Update:2020-05-12 23:53:50

Jaw crusher is a kind of ideal frequency crusher, which is more trusted by users. The production advantage of pe-600 * 900 jaw crusher is huge, and it can be produced continuously in general. But once used for a long time, the wear of the machine itself will gradually become more serious, especially the wear of the tooth plate of vulnerable objects. Now let's take you to know the protection measures for tooth wear of the E900 × 600 jaw crusher.

The die plate of pe-600 * 900 jaw crusher is made of high manganese steel, which is generally treated by water toughening. In the process of using the equipment, the tooth plate wear belongs to the cutting wear, and the wear situation mainly includes the following several kinds. First of all, there is a short-range sliding friction between the material and the tooth plate of pe900 × 600 jaw crusher, which will cause the tooth plate to form debris, and gradually cause the wear of the tooth plate, resulting in low production efficiency.

As an efficient crushing equipment, once the teeth of pe600 * 900 jaw crusher run for a long time, it is also easy to wear. If the general broken material repeatedly extrudes and cuts the tooth plate, it will leave a small protuberance or crack on the surface of the tooth plate. If it is treated in time, it will get better. However, if these cracks continue to combine in a long time, it will eventually lead to the surface material falling off of the die plate of pe900 × 600 jaw crusher, forming a series of debris.

Once the material repeatedly compresses the die plate of pe-600 * 900 jaw crusher, the material on the die plate surface will be damaged to varying degrees, causing local protrusion or complete turnover. At this time, the protrusion part will fall off and form debris. In order to extend the service life of the equipment, first of all, it is necessary to ensure the enough toughness and rigidity of the die plate. For this, some good materials can be selected, so that the low wear of the die plate can be guaranteed when the pe600 * 900 jaw crusher is produced.

The equipment of pe900 × 600 jaw crusher contains many parts and vulnerable parts, among which the die plate is a common one. Once the tooth plate is damaged in different degrees, various problems will appear when the equipment is running, and even lead to production accidents. Therefore, all operators should pay attention to it and check the teeth of pe600 * 900 jaw crusher in time. If any damage or serious damage is found, it should be replaced in time to ensure the orderly production.


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