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Measures Of Overpressure Protection Device Introduced By Henan Crusher Manufacturer

Last Update:2020-05-02 13:32:51

All friends who have contacted Henan crusher know that the equipment gains huge momentum to crush the equipment in a very short time, which is easy to cause great damage to other parts of the equipment. In order to reduce this kind of injury, the user excellently takes necessary protective measures during the use of the equipment. For this reason, Henan crusher manufacturer introduces the measures of over-voltage protection device for the majority of users.

Qianlie: in the working process of Henan crusher, the plunger type fuel injection pump is used to improve the high-pressure oil for the system. The crusher has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, strong flexibility, energy saving and high efficiency, simple operation, and can work alone or with the production line. When crushing materials, the operator must ensure a uniform feeding speed, and do not put too much pressure on the equipment. Uniform feeding can not only ensure the improvement of equipment production efficiency, but also ensure the production quality and granularity of finished products. Henan crusher manufacturer said that even feeding is also the main measure of overpressure protection device, which needs to be mastered by users and implemented in actual work.

Second: ensure the rationality of Henan crusher crushing materials. When the crushed material is not in the crushing range of the crusher, it will cause certain harm to the normal production of the equipment. When the materials that cannot be broken enter the crushing chamber, the crushing force of the equipment will increase, and the thrust provided by the hydraulic cylinder will not be as high as the pressure exerted by the thrust plate of the crusher on the working cylinder. Then the hydraulic cylinder will drain oil, limiting the very large crushing force, so as to protect the equipment. Henan crusher factory technicians said that overload protection can play a very good role in over-voltage protection device.

Third: Henan crusher works normally. When the crusher works normally, the pressure of the crusher thrust plate acting on the working cylinder is not as large as the force of the hydraulic cylinder thrust, and the action valve is at the upper limit position, so the thrust plate will not move, and the crushing works normally. Henan crusher manufacturer reminds the majority of users that during the normal operation of the crusher, operators need to pay attention to the operation and working conditions of the equipment at all times to prevent the occurrence of faults.


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