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Master The Adjustment Skills Of Two Parts Of Impact Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-08 14:15:59

According to the process difference between coarse crushing and fine crushing, the crushing process of impact crusher can be divided into two chamber crushing and three chamber crushing. For a long time, the main advantage of the impact crusher in the same kind of crushing products is the large crushing ratio and high crushing efficiency. The accessories and technical parameters of impact crusher are the basis to ensure the handling capacity of 500 tons of materials per hour. The main accessories of the impact crusher include impact breaking hammer, impact breaking lining plate, impact lining plate, impact breaking square steel, impact breaking compression block, etc. In order to extend the service life of accessories more effectively, the accessories of impact crusher are made of high manganese steel and other composite materials. The main parts of the impact crusher can not only ensure the impact of the equipment on the material, but also realize the automation of the production process by adjusting the parameters of the parts.

The purpose of adjusting the discharge gap is to affect the impact times between the hammer and the material, and indirectly affect the crushing strength. There is enough space in the structure of the impact crusher as the crushing chamber. After the plate hammer impacts the material falling from the feed port, the material is forced to impact the lining plate of the impact crusher twice. Compared with the V-shaped crushing chamber of jaw crusher, the impact breaking strength of the material is greater when the high-speed rotor and impact plate are used. Therefore, in the process of soft material crushing, the discharge clearance can be adjusted appropriately to reduce the impact of plate hammer on the material.

Different types of impact crusher have different parts and structures, and also have different operation modes. According to the product standards of different industries, the discharge granularity of materials needs to be adjusted. The impact crusher with hydraulic device can automatically adjust the size of the outlet and the particle size of the material through the automatic hydraulic device. Ordinary impact crusher needs to adjust the gap between plate hammer and impact crusher drum to complete the change of manual particle size. The simpler way is to screw the positioning nut to change the gap between the rotor and the end point of the plate hammer. Attention should be paid to the fixing work after adjusting the position of the accessories to avoid safety problems in the process of crushing.


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