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Maintenance Tips Of Ore Crushing System In Haze Weather

Last Update:2020-05-11 14:25:18

Environmental pollution has become a problem that people around the world need to face and urgently need to solve. Especially now, the increase of haze weather brings great inconvenience to people's travel. In fact, the ore crushing machinery will also be affected by the haze weather, especially the impact of temperature and impurities, which requires the reasonable and scientific maintenance of users. Here's how to maintain the ore crushing system in haze weather.

1. Influence of temperature on ore crushing system. In the normal operation of the crusher, the temperature of each part has its own normal temperature range. Once a part exceeds or is lower than the required temperature range, it will cause great harm to the equipment itself. Therefore, when using the ore crusher, the user should prevent the low temperature overload operation on the one hand and the high temperature operation of the crusher on the other hand. In order to eliminate the influence of two aspects, users must regularly observe the operation during the process of their work, and timely solve the abnormalities found.

2. Influence of impurities on ore crushing machinery. Dust, soil and other non-metallic materials as well as metal chips and wear products produced by the equipment itself are called mechanical impurities. Don't look down upon these small impurities. Once they enter the machinery, they will do great harm to the equipment. It can not only block the normal operation of the equipment, but also accelerate the wear of the parts, damage the lubricating oil film of the equipment, and eventually lead to the temperature rise of the parts of the equipment. For those poor working environment, the ore crushing system needs to use high-quality, matching parts, as well as high-quality lubricating oil, grease, etc. In addition, users also need to do a good job in the field of mechanical protection, to prevent all kinds of impurities into the equipment, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

3. The influence of humidity corrosion in haze weather on ore crushing system. The metal surface of the equipment will react with the surrounding medium in a series of chemical reactions, which is called corrosion. If the corrosion phenomenon can not be controlled in time and effectively, it will affect the normal operation of the equipment and the corrosion of various parts of the ore crushing machine. Users must pay attention to this.

The maintenance of ore crushing machinery is only one aspect of the maintenance of the crusher. However, only when the user carefully does the corresponding maintenance work, can the equipment greatly play its own ability and bring more profits for the user. Nowadays, the price of ore crusher is not cheap. Why not use the maintenance method to prolong the service life of the equipment as much as possible.


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