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Maintenance Skills Of Belt Pulley Of Combined Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-10 02:42:44

The belt pulley of the crusher is a very important driving part in the crusher. The quality of the belt pulley of the combined crusher is related to the working efficiency of the whole crusher, so it also has a great impact on the production line. As the auxiliary equipment to ensure the continuity of production, we need to master some maintenance methods of crusher pulley, and effectively extend the service life of the equipment.

First of all, do a good job in the front of the crusher pulley is the conveyor belt counterweight load reduction device. The conveying materials shall be strictly controlled within the range that the conveyor belt can bear, so as to avoid the excessive tension forming the wear and even fracture of the belt pulley of the crusher. It should be noted that if the conveyor belt is partially worn, repair can be used to solve the problem and reduce the maintenance cost.

Secondly, the second key point to do well in the maintenance of the belt pulley of the combined crusher is to reasonably grasp the feeding conditions. Pay attention to the influence of the feeding direction on the service life of the belt pulley of the combined crusher. In the production process, the material transportation direction and the belt in the same direction can improve the transportation efficiency and greatly extend the service life of the belt. If it is the reverse direction, it will increase the pressure on the motor, and at the same time, it will cause wear on the conveyor belt due to friction.

Finally, it is suggested that we should improve the belt pulley of crusher. In principle, it is necessary to expand the capacity of the outlet to pass the impurity materials, so as to avoid blocking the outlet. At the same time, in order to further ensure the normal performance of the crusher pulley, referring to the structural characteristics of the Shanghai crusher, there should be a scraping device at the roller. When the direction of material transportation needs to be changed, the scraping plate can remove the materials attached to the belt, on one hand, it can ensure the stability of the subsequent transmission process, on the other hand, it also takes into account the blockage of materials Disturbance.

The above are our suggestions for the maintenance equipment of the belt pulley of the combined crusher in the production process of the crusher. In the daily operation process of the crusher, mastering the maintenance skills can greatly reduce the frequency of equipment failure and effectively extend the service life of the belt conveyor. In terms of production safety, only by mastering the maintenance methods of the combined crusher pulley can the safety level of the whole production line be guaranteed. Therefore, the maintenance of the combined crusher pulley is very important to reduce the occurrence of production safety accidents.


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