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Maintenance Of Jaw Crusher Accessories Tooth Plate And Bearing

Last Update:2020-05-13 22:28:42

With the increase of crushing demand in all walks of life, as the primary crushing equipment of materials in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, Shibang, building materials, electric power and other industries, the application demand of E-crusher is also increasing. Familiar with the structure of the jaw crusher, know the accessories of each jaw crusher, operate the jaw crusher correctly and so on, which will bring great convenience to the use and maintenance of the majority of users. For this reason, Shanghai Shibang specially invites experienced engineers to sort out the operation skills and common problems of the equipment, especially to prevent the difficult starting of the jaw crusher.

There are three common reasons for the difficulty in starting the jaw crusher, such as: the high viscosity of the lubricating grease caused by low temperature; the high viscosity of the bearing will cause the difficulty in starting the crusher under low temperature, while the temperature of the lubricating grease will increase and the viscosity will decrease due to the internal friction and other factors after the crusher is started, and the equipment will enter the normal working state. The longer the tension leads to the looseness of the V-belt: the crusher runs for a long time, and the rubber characteristics of the V-belt lead to the longer the circumference under the action of the tension during the rotation process, but it has not been adjusted in time, resulting in the slipping phenomenon of the V-belt that is too loose, resulting in the starting difficulty. The lubricating grease enters into the dust performance deterioration accidentally: due to the excessive wear of the bearing gland of the jaw crusher, the dust-proof ring leaks out, and some dust enters the bearing chamber along the dust-proof ring and gets mixed into the lubricating grease, which leads to the serious deterioration of the lubricating performance of the lubricating grease, thus making it difficult to start.

If you find out the reason, you can prescribe the right medicine. The maintenance of the equipment is the same. Shibang engineer has described the crusher from many aspects. In the front row, operators and maintenance personnel should strengthen the patrol inspection during the crushing period, and timely report and deal with the abnormalities found. Second, the user should strengthen the supervision, inspection and management of the crusher and strengthen the daily maintenance. Third, a controllable feeding funnel can be added above the feed inlet to make the crusher feed evenly and avoid blocking, difficult starting of equipment and damage to the toothed plate of jaw crusher. Fourth, select the appropriate grease for lubrication; adjust the tightness of the triangular belt in time. Fifthly, before shutdown, the crusher should be idled for a period of time, so that the materials in the crushing cavity can be completely discharged and the load-bearing of jaw crusher teeth can be reduced.


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