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Maintenance Of European Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-11 01:10:12

In production, there are inevitably tree roots, wires, wires and other sundries in the feed. The sundries are piled up on the crossbeam and stuck on the sliding ring near the dust-proof seal. During operation, the dust seal and the ore particles bonded on the sliding ring produce friction, which aggravates the wear of the dust seal. If not cleaned in time, the ore particles enter the machine body, causing the pollution of lubricating oil and the blockage of filter element. At the same time, the service life of bevel gear, copper sleeve, thrust bearing, etc. is reduced due to the pollution of lubricating oil. In addition, when the ore is wet or the water content is large, the fixing bolts for fixing the dust-proof sealing slip ring should also be checked frequently. When the ore sand accumulated on the crossbeam is not cleaned in time, the bolt fixing the slip ring rotates with the moving cone and the accumulated ore sand produces relative movement, resulting in the wear of the bolt tail. If the fixed condition of the slip ring is not realized, it must be checked in time or carefully. During operation, the dust-proof seal and slip ring fall off, a large amount of dust and mineral sand will enter the machine body, which will cause the crusher to be scrapped or significant economic loss.

In addition, there are many routine maintenance of jaw crusher in European version, such as lubrication of top bearing and horizontal shaft, adjustment of V-belt, inspection of thrust bearing, inspection of bevel gear clearance, fastening of bolts on all parts of the machine body, lubrication and protection of adjusting oil pipe. The crusher can be operated as long as the inspection, lubrication, adjustment, fastening, replacement, cleaning and protection are carried out according to the requirements Work.

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