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Maintenance Of Common Motor Faults In Crusher Operation

Last Update:2020-05-09 00:40:23

Generally speaking, the production efficiency of crusher is still very high, and the current new crushing equipment has been greatly improved compared with the traditional one, with good production quality and easy operation. As an important part of the crusher, the crusher motor is the core of power supply and the hub of power generation. However, in production, it often encounters a variety of problems and faults, so how to repair the common faults such as crusher motor power?

The stator and rotor of crusher is an important part of the motor. In the process of production, the damage or other faults of the stator and rotor of crusher are generally caused by the following points. First of all, there is excessive wear of the broken bearing or assembly problems, which will cause mutual friction between the stator and rotor, and at the same time, the surface of the iron core will be damaged to different degrees, which will lead to the change of the power of the crusher motor, the increase of the iron loss and the high temperature rise. In view of this situation, it is generally necessary to remove the burr with a fine file, so as to solve the short circuit of the silicon steel sheet. After it is completely cleaned, it can be coated with insulating paint, and can be used after drying.

Crusher motor price is not fixed, mainly according to its configuration to determine. In the process of use, if too much force is used to remove the old winding, it will lead to a certain skew or full outward opening of the stealing slot. In this case, we usually use pointed nose pliers or wooden hammer to repair the motor of the crusher, so that the tooth profile can be completely reset. In addition, if the equipment is damped, the iron core surface of the crusher motor is easy to rust. At this time, a series of sanding with sandpaper is required, and the insulating paint can be applied after it is completely clean. In the process of production, high heat may be generated around the group grounding, which may cause the iron core to burn down. Generally, the method is to use a chisel to completely remove the deposits, and then coat the insulating paint for drying after it is clean.

Many people only care about the price of crusher motor and other issues. In fact, as long as the motor is purchased, in the process of use, there may be a variety of faults and problems, which requires timely maintenance. We believe that we are familiar with the common faults and basic maintenance methods of the crusher motor. We must pay attention to these points in the use process, and do a good job in the use and maintenance of the equipment, so as to ensure its long service life.


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