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Maintenance Methods For Common Problems Of Counter Roll Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-04 05:57:58

Under the call of the economic policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, the coal industry has explored a new way, using the opposite roller crusher to simplify the coal preparation process, which can directly crush the raw coal after removing iron and impurities. Through the company's return visit to customers, customers mentioned the drum wear problem of double roller crusher. In the long-term collision with the material, the cylinder changes from cylindrical to funnel-shaped, which directly affects the crushing effect. For this reason, we summed up the specific solutions to help customers do a good job in the maintenance of the crusher.

First of all, we put forward the on-site cutting method, which is a more commonly used method. The specific operation is to install a tool holder parallel to the roller axis around the roller crusher frame. After the problem of roller wear occurs, manually cut to ensure the normal process of crushing. However, it should be noted that in order to avoid the radian of the drum after cutting, the running track of the tool holder should be parallel to the axis of the drum of the crusher, so as to ensure the requirements of crushing granularity. At the same time, it should be noted that the running speed of the drum should be lower than that of the cutting tool to ensure the real-time speed reduction of safe operation.

Secondly, the second method developed by our company's expert team is in-situ hardfacing. The principle is very simple, that is to carry out supplementary welding at the place where the roller is worn, and the parts of Shanghai roller crusher encounter wear problems, which is a relatively simple method. It is easy to operate, solve the problem of production line in a short time, and the wear resistance and hardness of some welding materials are very good, so it is suitable for the crushing of medium hardness materials. If customers want to use this solution, they need to pay attention to ensure that the overall dimension is consistent with the original drum of the crusher during the welding process, which can be checked with the help of straightedge and other tools. To carry out layered welding, cracks can be avoided and normal operation of the production line can be affected.

Finally, another method is to repair after disassembly, which is time-consuming. It is not commonly used to disassemble all parts for maintenance of worn parts and then reinstall them. In order to reduce the wear degree of the machine and the replacement times of the parts, and reduce the cost investment, the maintenance of the equipment should be done well in the daily production process. For example, regularly check and refuel the lubricating parts, do a good job in iron and impurity removal of materials, reduce the wear from the source, and the service life of the crusher will be longer.


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