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Maintenance Method Of Parts Of Shanghai Shibang Jaw Crusher Manufacturer

Last Update:2020-05-06 18:46:24

Jaw crusher is composed of many parts. Only when these parts coordinate with each other can the normal operation of the equipment be ensured. There are many jaw crusher manufacturers in Shanghai. The production strength of these manufacturers varies. Only when users choose high-quality equipment, can they give full play to the real advantages of the equipment in production. In addition to operating in strict accordance with the instructions at ordinary times, it is also necessary to do a good job in the maintenance of equipment parts. Let's take a look at the maintenance methods of Shanghai jaw crusher parts.

Shanghai Shibang jaw crusher frame supports every component of the equipment, which can be said to be a more basic component. Generally speaking, the frame structure is a rigid frame with four walls, and the upper and lower parts are open. The main function of the frame is to support the eccentric shaft, and at the same time to bear the reaction force brought by the material crushing. Therefore, the frame needs to have enough strength. Therefore, cast steel is generally used in the manufacturing process. The small Shanghai jaw crusher can use high-quality cast iron to replace cast steel.

Shanghai jaw crusher manufacturer introduced that the flywheel of the equipment is mainly used to store some energy generated when moving the jaw empty travel, and then to ensure the uniform operation of the equipment. Generally, the flywheel is made of cast iron or cast steel when it is often forged, while the flywheel of small Shanghai Shibang jaw crusher is often manufactured as a whole.

As an important part of Shanghai Shibang jaw crusher, transmission parts play a role in conveying materials. Once the transmission parts have problems, it will have a great impact on the normal production of the equipment, which greatly reduces the production efficiency. In addition, the eccentric shaft is the main shaft of Shanghai jaw crusher, which generally needs to bear a lot of bending torque in production, and high carbon steel is generally used in manufacturing. The eccentric part of the eccentric shaft needs to be processed and heat treated strictly.

The operation efficiency of Shanghai Shibang jaw crusher is very high, but in the actual production process, due to various factors, the production efficiency of the equipment will be reduced. All operators should be familiar with the basic operation skills and maintenance methods of Shanghai jaw crusher. They should do well in equipment maintenance at ordinary times, conduct regular and comprehensive inspection on the equipment, and remove the faults in time to ensure the high-speed operation of the production line.


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