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Maintenance Measures For Equipment Parts Of Large Crusher Manufacturers In Shanghai China

Last Update:2020-05-04 08:41:36

Crusher equipment is a kind of commonly used crushing equipment. Many people's maintenance methods are mostly to see whether the equipment can operate normally. Once the equipment can't operate, they start to check the equipment. In fact, the maintenance of crusher needs daily operation, but the maintenance methods of different crushers are different. Jaw crusher is composed of many parts. Only when these parts coordinate with each other can the normal operation of the equipment be ensured. Experts from large crusher manufacturers in Shanghai, China pointed out that the normal use of crushers is not only the correct operation, but also the proper maintenance of internal parts of the equipment. Next, it introduces the maintenance measures for the parts of a jaw crusher.

The first is the maintenance of the basic part of the crusher. The basic part of the frame type regular crusher produced by the large crusher enterprises in Shanghai supports each component of the whole equipment. Generally speaking, the structure of the crusher frame belongs to the four wall rigid frame. The crusher frame is used to support the eccentric shaft, but also to bear the reaction force caused by the crushing of raw materials, which requires the frame to have sufficient strength. Most of the frame is cast steel, especially the large crusher manufacturers in Shanghai, China use high-quality cast steel to manufacture the frame.

Shanghai large crusher enterprise introduced that the flywheel of jaw crusher is also the main part of the equipment, and the maintenance measures for this part of parts should be done well. Because the flywheel of the crusher is mainly used to store the energy generated when moving the jaw empty travel, it can also ensure that the crusher equipment is in uniform and fast operation. Then at the same time, the equipment should work evenly. Shanghai large crusher manufacturing flywheel mostly uses cast steel or cast iron as raw materials.

Another important part of jaw crusher is the transmission part of crusher. The transmission part of Shanghai large crusher is an important part of transporting materials. If the transmission parts fail, it will have a great impact on the normal operation of the equipment and greatly reduce the production efficiency of the crusher. Another important part is the eccentric shaft, which is also the main shaft of the crusher. When the crusher is running, it has to bear a lot of bending torque. The eccentric shaft needs to be processed and heat treated strictly. Both the transmission parts of crusher and the eccentric shaft of crusher need to be maintained. We can check the integrity of these two parts every day and repair them in time if there is any damage.


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