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Maintenance Items Of Fixed Hydraulic Crusher In Different Seasons

Last Update:2020-05-01 18:22:47

Many users think that the maintenance equipment is very simple. Isn't it just regular replacement of lubricating oil, cleaning of equipment and replacement of worn parts. In fact, the maintenance of the fixed crusher is a recurring matter. It should not only be careful, but also be maintained in different seasons. The maintenance of the equipment cannot be relaxed for a moment. Then, what are the maintenance items of fixed hydraulic crusher in different seasons? The following is the introduction of relevant contents.

Due to the large size of the fixed crusher, it includes many parts. Each part needs different attention in different seasons, that is to say, the maintenance of different parts in each season is also different. Like the climate in the South all year round, there is no need for seasonal maintenance. In our Central Plains, it is obvious in winter and summer. It is too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Therefore, the maintenance of fixed hydraulic crushers cannot be maintained in the same way all the time. This is not correct. Different maintenance plans need to be made in winter and summer to ensure the health and safety of equipment parts.

Now the summer is coming. Apart from some basic work, the maintenance of the fixed hydraulic crusher also needs to be done well in the high temperature weather. For example, in summer, the viscosity of the lubricating oil needed by the crusher is high, so we need to change the lubricating oil with high viscosity in time with the gradual warming of the weather; regularly check whether the cooling equipment of the equipment is in normal working condition; for some aging wires and plugs of the fixed hydraulic crusher, they need to be replaced in time, because the high temperature will lead to the aging of the cables; In order to ensure that the equipment is easy to dissipate heat, it is necessary to ensure that the equipment is in a dry and clean state. In summer work, excellence bar crusher in the shade.

In addition, the weather in summer is relatively dry, and the working environment of the fixed hydraulic crusher is not good originally. Coupled with the dry weather, it is easy to get dust, which has a certain impact on the environment. Therefore, when the equipment is working, the operator shall spray water on the working site to reduce the dust during the working period. In addition, a proper amount of water can be added to the raw materials, so as to reduce the dust produced in the production of the fixed crusher.


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