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Maintenance Instructions For Hb20g30g40g Hydraulic Rock Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-05 14:22:32

When starting hb30g hydraulic rock crusher, a comprehensive inspection is required. Mainly check the main parts and components of the equipment, as well as the lubrication of each component, fastening of fastening components, etc., and start the machine when everything is in normal condition. If problems are found in parts or other parts of the equipment, they must be solved in time to prevent the occurrence of faults. Before each start-up, the inspection work should be done well, and the normal start-up can only be done before the preparation work is done, so that the hb20g hydraulic rock crusher can work without any worries.

During the use of hb30g hydraulic rock crusher, operators are required to check the equipment regularly, such as minor repair, medium repair, overhaul, etc. Generally speaking, to do a good job in minor repair of equipment can reduce the probability of equipment failure; to do a good job in minor repair and medium repair of equipment can ensure that the equipment will not have major failures. If the equipment has a big fault due to quality or other problems, the user must solve it in time, and never let hb40g hydraulic rock crusher "work with faults".

The temperature of the bearing and the quality of the lubricating oil of the equipment also need regular inspection and maintenance by the operator. Regularly check whether the bearing temperature of hb40g hydraulic rock crusher is within the normal range. Generally, the bearing temperature needs to be controlled within 25-30 ℃. The quality of lubricating oil and oil temperature also need the concern of operators. The quality of lubricating oil has a direct relationship with the production efficiency of the equipment. During the use of hb30g hydraulic rock crusher, it is necessary to keep the lubricating oil quality of the equipment reliable and meet the needs of the equipment itself. If the oil needs to be replaced, it is necessary to select the appropriate lubricating oil according to the different weather conditions.

Through the above content, we know the precautions and maintenance of hb30g hydraulic rock crusher, and hope that the above content can provide you with some help and reference. Only by doing a good job in the maintenance of hb40g hydraulic rock crusher can the production capacity of the equipment be improved, the service life of the equipment be extended, and greater benefits be created for users. Maintain your equipment from today on.


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