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Maintenance And Operation Rules Of Counter Breaking In Limestone Production Line

Last Update:2020-05-08 00:50:44

In the limestone production line, the impact crusher is mainly used in the third processing procedure, after the jaw crusher crushing large stones, then to the impact crusher, after processing to meet customer requirements of gravel particles. In order to ensure the continuous operation of the impact crusher in the limestone production line and the service life of the impact crusher, customers should often carry out the maintenance and repair of the impact crusher.

After the new equipment is put into operation, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection on the impact crusher at the end of each shift. After one week of operation, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection on the motor and lubrication of the impact crusher. The inspection contents include the firmness of fixed parts, belt drive, bearing seal, impact lining plate and wear of lining plate, and establish regular maintenance and replacement system in combination with maintenance cycle. The maintenance of counterattack is mainly from the clearance adjustment of rotor and counterattack lining plate as well as the wear of wearing parts.

Adjustment of the clearance between the impact broken rotor and the impact lining plate: when the rotor of the impact crusher is running, the clearance between the rotor and the impact lining plate cannot be adjusted. If the block of material is stuck between the reaction plate and the shell, it is recommended to slightly lift the reaction frame between the readjustment gap, so that the block feeding will become loose and the reaction frame is easy to adjust. If the counterattack rack is not enough, pat it gently on the loose pull rod (protected by a board). The clearance between the rotor and the counterattack lining plate is completed by the adjustment device of the machine. First loosen the bolt sleeve, and then rotate the long nut. At this time, the pull rod will move upward. The adjustment is to fasten the screw sleeve.

Replacement of vulnerable parts in the process of limestone processing and production: when replacing vulnerable parts, first open them and then put them on the shelf; when using them, first remove the connecting bolts between the latter upper shelf and the middle box, then screw them to the hexagon part of the turnover device with a wrench, and then slowly open the shelf. At the same time, the hanging device above the frame can be used to hang the rear frame and repeat the above process, i.e. closing the rear frame. When the impact hammer is worn to a certain extent, it shall be adjusted or replaced in time to avoid damage to fasteners and other parts.


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