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Maintenance And Operation Procedures For Counterattack

Last Update:2020-05-04 11:26:18

With the continuous development of science and technology, the domestic technology of counterattack is also combined with the advanced technology of foreign countries. The advantages of foreign performance of counterattack are integrated into the domestic production, and the use of counterattack in China is more extensive. In the process of using counterattack, the maintenance of counterattack is a problem that many customers are very concerned about. As a matter of fact, the maintenance of counterattack is closely related to the operating procedures of counterattack.

Compared with the traditional crushing equipment, the structure of impact breaking is simpler and the energy consumed is lower. At the same time, the operation regulations of impact breaking are very helpful to the improvement of crushing rate. The equipment operating correctly according to the operation regulations of impact breaking can produce higher quantity and lighter weight of finished products. The counter breaking operation rules make the manufacturer reduce the capital investment of the crusher parts greatly, and the energy consumption of the whole crushing production line is also greatly reduced. Under such a result, the energy consumption of the whole production and processing process of counterattack is lower, and the cost invested by the company is directly reduced, which is the very important role of the operating procedures of counterattack.

Counterattack plays a key role in sand production line, so the maintenance of counterattack must be paid attention to. The repair of impact breaking includes: adjustment or replacement of impact breaking hammer wear, so as to avoid damage to fasteners and other components. In order to repair the lining plate, it is necessary to open the back upper cover, remove the cotter pin, slotted nut and bolt used to fix the lining plate, and then replace the worn lining plate. If it is necessary to install a new lining plate, reverse the above steps.

In addition to the repair of counterattack, we need to pay more attention to the maintenance of counterattack, because the maintenance of counterattack is good, in order to avoid the repeated repair of counterattack, then the maintenance of counterattack will cover the maintenance of lubricating grease. When we use the counterattack for a period of time, we need to regularly check whether the lubricating grease is excessive. If we find that the lubricating grease is dirty, we need to put the counterattack shaft The bearing shall be disassembled for cleaning, and then the lubricating grease shall be replaced. If the bearing is found to be seriously worn, the bearing shall be replaced immediately.


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