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Maintenance And Installation Process Of Double Roll Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-12 08:46:00

When it comes to crushers, what kind of crushers will someone ask? Jaw crusher? Counterattack crusher? Cone crusher? wait. Of course, there are two roll crushers. Double roll crusher is one of the roll crushers, which is very popular recently. The double roll crusher uses two groups of separately driven roller shafts, the extrusion force and grinding shear force generated by relative rotation to crush materials.

Baidu search we can find many sales of double roll crusher website. Most of them are advertising. The real practical information needs to be screened one by one. Double roll crusher is widely used in mineral processing, chemical industry, cement, refractory, abrasive, building materials and other industrial sectors. It is commonly used for crushing ores, rocks and refractories with high and medium hardness. Double roll crusher in refractory and mining industry than the general crushing machinery shows better results. In recent years, it is also widely used in crushing steel sand and other industries. But in the double roll crusher is widely popular today, many people do not know how to install and maintain this kind of equipment. This article mainly introduces the maintenance and installation process of double roll crusher.

The first is maintenance. Bearing is the core part of a crusher. The bearing of the crusher bears all the load of the machine, so good lubrication has a great relationship with the bearing life, it directly affects the service life and operation rate of the machine, so the lubricating oil injected needs to be clean and the seal needs to be good. The newly installed tire is easy to loose, which needs to be checked frequently. Pay attention to check the wear degree of easily worn parts and replace the worn parts at any time. If the temperature of bearing oil rises, stop the machine immediately to check the cause and eliminate it. If there is impact sound during the operation of rotating gear, stop the machine immediately to check and eliminate it.

Then there are the problems that should be paid attention to in the installation. The double roll crusher can not be placed in the place where it is not ventilated and easy to rust for a long time. It can be installed on the concrete foundation or on the floor of the building. In order to better bear the uneven force produced by the machine during operation, the wood strip is placed under the underframe to make the whole machine fit with the wood strip. The number of battens and general section can be found on the layout of the roller crusher, and can also be selected according to the specific installation conditions. Test run shall be conducted after installation. First, check the relative position of each component to see if it meets the drawing requirements. After assembly, the counter roll crusher runs for four hours. Secondly, the rotating parts such as V-belt wheel, gear and roller shall be stable and free of vibration during the operation of the counter roll crusher. The tooth surface roller ground shall not touch the machine body. The sand production line, sand production line and machine-made sand production line shall not have abnormal noise. Then: the temperature rise of the bearing shall not exceed 30 ℃, and the ideal temperature shall not exceed 70 ℃. Finally, after the empty load test run is qualified, carry out the loaded test run, and the test run time can be carried out according to the system requirements.


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