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Main Processing Process And Steps Of Nonmetallic Minerals

Last Update:2020-05-09 08:25:12

(1) Comminution and classification refers to the processing technology of reducing the particle size of non-metallic ores and having a certain particle size distribution through mechanical, physical and chemical methods. According to the different particle size and distribution of comminuted products, comminution and classification are divided into crushing and screening, comminution (grinding) and classification, and ultrafine comminution (grinding) and fine classification. They are respectively used to process powder products with different particle size and distribution, such as over 1mm, 10-1000 μ m and 0.l-10 μ M.

(2) Mineral processing and purification refers to the processing technology of mineral separation and purification by using density, particle size and shape, magnetism, electricity, color (light), surface wettability and chemical reaction characteristics between minerals or minerals and gangue. According to different separation principles, it can be divided into gravity separation, magnetic separation, electric separation, chemical separation, photoelectric separation, etc.

(3) Surface modification refers to the surface treatment of mineral powder by physical, chemical and mechanical methods. According to the needs of application, the physical and chemical properties of the surface or interface of the powder can be changed purposefully, such as surface composition, structure and functional group, surface wettability, surface electricity, surface optical properties, surface adsorption and reaction characteristics and interlayer compounds. According to the different modification principles and modifiers, the surface modification methods can be divided into physical coating modification, chemical coating modification, precipitation reaction modification, mechanochemical modification, intercalation modification, etc.


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