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Liming Shale Crusher Technology Industry Has Expertise

Last Update:2020-05-13 15:36:47

Liming heavy industry's Shale crusher has been in a good reverse direction in the industry. In the crushing work of shale, slag, coal gangue and other materials, the discharging effect is relatively stable, but in the crushing work of other materials, it is not the performance and quality of the equipment that have problems, but each kind of equipment has its own scope of work, when it exceeds When out of this range, the work will become stressful. After all, the technology industry has expertise. Work outside the scope of ability will cause unplanned wear and tear to shale crusher.

In the face of a lot of wear and tear in production, we are all used to it, but we shale crusher manufacturers should not stop here, but should continue to work hard to find and develop wear-resistant materials. Only by continuous efforts in research and development, can we really find a way to solve wear and tear. Generally speaking, there are three kinds of wear in shale crusher: thermal wear, mechanical wear and corrosion wear. There are two kinds of wear that can be avoided, one kind can't be avoided. Thermal wear and corrosion wear will not occur as long as the operators are responsible and check and repair frequently. Only this mechanical wear, we can only say through the structural advantages and the manufacturing process of parts and components To reduce, in short, our goal is to reduce wear.

In addition to daily use, the price is also something that potential customers care about. However, with regard to the price of large equipment, we need to know your output, production status, material situation, whether you need to equip production line and other information before accounting. Therefore, we suggest you contact us and our engineers will make a quotation for you as soon as possible.


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