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Liming Heavy Industry Interprets The New Opportunity For The Development Of Sandstone Industry

Last Update:2020-05-01 11:38:05

Sand and stone industry will usher in a new round of development opportunities, the industry has broad prospects. In the actual production process, the output of the sand machine is related to many factors, such as the properties of the material itself, the fineness of the finished sand, the maintenance of the equipment and the quality of itself. So, in order to improve the output of sand machine, what factors should you pay attention to and how to start.

Different materials have different properties, such as humidity, viscosity, hardness and so on. As a result, the output of sand making machine will be different. Materials with high humidity and moisture content are easy to adhere when they are crushed in the sand making machine, and also easy to cause blockage in the process of blanking and conveying, resulting in the reduction of sand making capacity. Material viscosity, in actual production, the material with high viscosity will adhere to the inner wall of the crushing chamber of the sand making machine, which will seriously affect the working efficiency of the sand making machine, and may also cause the sand making machine to fail to work normally. Therefore, when selecting materials, we must pay attention to the viscosity of materials to be appropriate and not too large. The hardness of materials, the greater the hardness of materials, the more difficult it is to make sand, and the more serious the wear of equipment. Different requirements for the fineness of finished sand. The finer the requirements for the fineness of finished sand, the smaller the sand production capacity. This depends on the requirements of users. Generally, the fineness of materials can be set as medium fine. Whether the configuration scheme of sand production line is reasonable or not the handling capacity of jaw crusher or cone crusher, sand washing machine, belt conveyor, etc. should also match with it. The final output is closely related to all the equipment of the whole production line. There are different models of sand making machines in the market at present. There are certain differences in the models of sand making machines produced by each manufacturer. The energy consumption and sand production volume of different models of equipment are different in the operation process. Users should have a certain understanding of their own production when purchasing equipment, and purchase the appropriate models of sand making machines. The quality of the sand making machine itself is different. The high-quality sand making machine should not only save energy and environmental protection, but also easily achieve the expected output. The high-quality equipment manufacturers choose new high wear-resistant materials in the production of equipment, and the equipment produced can meet the production demand well, which provides more favorable equipment for continuous, safe production. Whether the operation is standardized and the regular maintenance will also affect the output of the equipment. If the operation of a sand machine is not standardized, the wearing parts of the equipment will be accelerated, the service life of the equipment will be greatly reduced, resulting in a small amount of production in a unit time.


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