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Liming Heavy Industry Feeder

Last Update:2020-05-12 03:58:54

Feeder is one of the important parts in the feeding process of sand machine. The blanking barrel of sand making machine is usually conical. It is of great significance for continuous production and prolonging the service life of sand machine to select suitable blanking barrel for uniform feeding. If the blanking barrel of the sand making machine is blocked or malfunctions, the normal operation of the sand making machine equipment will be affected. Therefore, without the blanking barrel, the quality of the finished sand will be greatly reduced.

The smoothness and evenness of the feeding machine mainly consider the following aspects: friction coefficient of raw materials, friction of materials in the feeding barrel (if it is required to be good, mirror stainless steel is recommended), cutting speed, different cutting speeds at different angles, the larger the general angle, the faster the speed. At the same time, we suggest adding a control device on the blanking bucket of the sand making machine to control the feeding and blanking of the sand making machine.

Problems in the blanking barrel of the sand making machine will lead to slow blanking of the sand making machine and blocked discharge pipe of the sand making machine. If the feeding is too fast, the air outlet of the equipment will be blocked; if it is not matched with the conveying equipment properly, the air force of the discharge pipe will be weakened or blocked when there is no wind. After finding out the fault, first clear the air supply outlet, change the mismatched conveying equipment, adjust the feeding quantity, and make the sand machine equipment operate normally. The feeding speed is too fast, the load increases, causing blockage.

In addition, pay attention to the change of ammeter pointer at any time during the feeding process of sand making machine equipment. If the feeding amount is too large, the deflection angle of ammeter pointer is large. If the current exceeds the rated current, it indicates that the motor is overloaded and overloaded for a long time, which will burn the motor. In this case, immediately reduce or close the feeding door, or change the feeding mode, and control the feeding amount by increasing the feeder.


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