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Learn To Invest In A Real Case Of Crusher Hammer

Last Update:2020-05-12 01:44:10

In the infrastructure construction, limestone is the common auxiliary aggregate. After crushing and grinding, limestone can be used as high-quality materials for road construction, construction sand and other industries. Limestone material contains silicon element, which will cause serious wear to hammer head of crusher in the process of sand making and affect the normal operation of production line. Today we are going to analyze a real case of a Hebei customer to teach you how to choose the hammer head of the crushing equipment to reduce the cost investment more effectively.

The hammer head is the core part of the crusher. When the crusher is running at high speed, it directly collides with the materials. The customer in Hebei told us that the manganese steel hammer head he used before is extremely worn. One set of hammer head needs to be replaced within 4-5 working days. Under normal circumstances, there are 6-8 hammerheads. Such frequent replacement will cost a lot of investment, and the replacement of hammer head needs to be shut down. The production line The loss of interruption is huge. Let's take a look at the comparison of hammerheads of different crushing equipment and analyze how to reduce equipment investment at a lower limit.

First of all, the wear-resistant hammer head of the jaw crusher is made of high manganese steel. According to the material wear, the replacement cycle of the hammer head is 15 days, and it needs to be replaced 24 times a year. According to the weight of high manganese steel, 480KG of high manganese steel is needed for each replacement, 11.52 tons per year, 8500 yuan per ton, and 9792000 yuan per year. Next let's see that if it is a high chromium composite hammer, its average service life can be extended by four times, and it can be replaced once in 60 days, with an annual cost of 50000 yuan. If we calculate this way, the difference between the hammer price and the material of the jaw crusher directly affects the production cost input, and a crusher can save the enterprise more than 47000 yuan. If it is a large-scale ore production line, the cost savings are considerable.

Now let's look at the hammer crusher wear-resistant hammer head. The hammer head of the hammer crusher is mainly made of high manganese steel, bimetal, composite, large gold teeth, inlaid alloy, etc. compared with other materials, inlaid alloy hammer head has obvious advantages, such as excellent bending strength, impact resistance, hardness, and higher wear resistance. For a medium-sized hammer crusher, 240 kg hammerheads (24 hammerheads in each group, 10 kg each) are used every day. Based on 300 days of operation in one year, 72 tons of hammerheads are consumed every year, 8500 yuan per ton, 612000 yuan per year, and the hammerheads need to be replaced twice a day. This kind of investment is very uneconomical. If the inlaid alloy hammer head is selected, it only needs 60 kg per day on average, 18 tons per year, and 18000 yuan per ton. The annual cost is 324000 yuan. Compared with the hammer head of each hammer crusher, it can save 288000 yuan per year for the enterprise and boldly reduce the investment in production equipment.


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