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Large Single Tooth Roller Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-04 16:04:39

There are many crushing equipment that can crush limestone, but not every kind of crushing equipment can achieve perfect crushing effect. In order to select a more suitable crusher with excellent crushing effect, we should not only understand the nature of limestone, but also understand the selectivity requirements of various crushers for materials. The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate, which is generally divided into quicklime and hydrated lime and belongs to medium strain material. The crusher suitable for crushing limestone is single roll crusher.

At present, there are different types of single roll crushers in the domestic market, which need to be selected according to the specific crushing environment and the specific requirements of the production line. First of all, we should have a clear understanding of the basic structure and scope of application of the single tooth roller crusher. The single tooth roller crusher is composed of two parts: the round roller with big teeth rotation and the jaw plate which can be adjusted at will. The single toothed roller crusher is widely used in mineral processing, stone factory and power plant for coarse crushing and medium crushing. The crushing pressure is not more than 20KN / cm2 for brittle materials. However, this crusher is not suitable for crushing clay like viscous materials, but in the brick and tile industry, the single tooth roller crusher is mainly used for crushing hard materials such as shale and coal gangue. When the single toothed roller crusher works, only the roller rotates continuously and feeds the material from the feeding hopper. The material is squeezed between the jaw plate and the roller, and is crushed by the impact and splitting of the tooth tip. In case of hard debris falling in, the generated force will compress the spring, and the jaw plate will leave the roller to increase the discharge port, so that the hard debris can be discharged to avoid damage to the parts.

There are many domestic manufacturers of small and medium-sized single tooth roll crusher, but few manufacturers of large single tooth roll crusher, because the production of such large-scale crushing equipment needs excellent technical support. Shanghai Shibang Machine Co., Ltd. is one of the most popular companies among many buyers. Their single tooth roller crusher has great technical advantages, low cost, high crushing ratio, high working efficiency, and low failure probability in operation. And according to the different needs of users, we will create a full range of crushing equipment and professional production lines for cooks and users.


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