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Large Output Of Pef150 × 250 Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-08 22:52:35

There are many kinds of jaw crusher, among which pef150 × 250 is one widely used in production. In the production of this kind of equipment, due to the operation reasons or the reasons of the equipment itself, there are often all kinds of failures. At this time, it is necessary to find the root cause of the problem in time and deal with it in time to ensure the smooth production. Pef150 × 250 jaw crusher output, let's take a look at the basic maintenance knowledge.

Generally speaking, when the equipment is running, the common problem is that the output of pef150 × 250 jaw crusher can not meet the factory standard. The main causes of this failure are as follows: the hardness of the material is too large, resulting in insufficient crushing; the motor wiring of the equipment is reversed, resulting in the main machine failure; the jaw plate of pef150 × 250 jaw crusher is displaced, resulting in the relative tooth top of the equipment; the working voltage on site is too low to meet the production requirements.

Secondly, during the production, the fixed jaw plate of pef150 × 250 jaw crusher made some impact sound. Generally, the reason for this is that the jaw plate of the equipment is loose and the bolt falls off, or the bottom of the two jaw plates continuously collides due to the too small discharge opening. To solve this problem, the bolts of pef150 × 250 jaw crusher should be strengthened in time, and the discharge port of the equipment should be adjusted to ensure the gap between jaw plates.

When the jaw crusher pef150 × 250 is running, the problem that will occur is that the main machine of the equipment, the slot wheel and the moving jaw cause the operation, but the crusher stops working. This situation is mainly caused by the fracture of the tension spring of the equipment, the fracture of the pull rod or the fracture of the elbow plate. In case of such a fault, the tension spring, pull rod and bracket plate of pef150 × 250 jaw crusher shall be replaced in time to make the production return to normal as soon as possible.

For all users, the output of pef150 × 250 jaw crusher not only has a great relationship with the quality of the equipment itself, but also with the correct operation of the operators. The above system explains some common faults and basic maintenance knowledge of the equipment, hoping that all operators can pay enough attention to strengthen the maintenance of pef150 × 250 jaw crusher, and strive for efficient and normal operation of the equipment.


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