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Large Iron Ore Crushing Machinery And Production Process

Last Update:2020-05-04 19:34:53

Mineral industry is one of the most important industries in heavy industry in China. Iron ore crushing machinery is a very important crushing equipment in mineral development, especially in iron ore development. In the production process of iron ore crushing equipment, its production process is an important factor that determines the whole mining production, and also determines the production efficiency and environmental protection and energy saving of large iron ore crushing line.

In general, the crushing process of iron ore crushing machinery we see is designed according to the conventional operation. In the use of iron ore crushing machinery, feeder, head breaking, second breaking, screening, fine crushing and dry separation are generally used. For economic considerations, the finer the ore size in the dry separation stage, the higher the proportion of dry separation. In order to greatly improve the crushing efficiency of iron ore crushing machinery, we need to strive to improve the dry separation rate, which is also an important research topic in the mineral processing industry.

The dry separation rate of iron ore crushing equipment is the choice of head breaking at the beginning. The general choice is jaw crusher. Some large mineral processing enterprises will choose rotary crusher. Jaw crusher is a relatively stable and reliable coarse breaking equipment, with a wide range of applications. Then there are two kinds of iron ore crushing equipment, one is fine jaw crushing, the other is cone crushing. It is used in small-scale iron ore beneficiation. It has good results both in price and operation. The selection of these two parts plays a very important role in improving the dry separation rate of iron ore. It must be carefully selected to achieve economic beneficiation effect.

In terms of energy saving and emission reduction, it is necessary to control the dust ratio of the broken line of large iron ore. The production process should seal the dust producing point with a sealed cover, set up the spray device at the feeding port and the belt transfer point, and control the amount of water to wet the stone, which can greatly reduce the dust pollution of the transfer point of the large-scale iron ore crushing line; when the transfer point, especially the underground ventilation of the underground conveying material is bad, it should be collected. Centrifugal fan and forced ventilation shall be used to strengthen dust discharge wind speed and air volume; when dust is generated by belt operation, bag type dust remover shall be used to control dust source by negative pressure exhaust.


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