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Large Double Tooth Roller Crusher Creates A New Scene Of Comprehensive Utilization Of Coal Gangue

Last Update:2020-05-05 09:39:28

Production development promotes technological innovation, and technological innovation promotes production development. In the field of industrial and mining processing, crushing has become an important equipment. Since the 1990s, crushing equipment has been greatly developed, especially in the coal industry, which is widely used in crushing equipment, the first to initiate changes. The double tooth roller crusher with its high efficiency and durability, low energy consumption, low cost performance has also caused a lot of changes in the coal industry.

Coal gangue is the associated waste of coal, which is the solid waste discharged in the process of driving, mining and coal washing. According to incomplete statistics, China has accumulated more than 1 billion tons of coal gangue and will discharge 100 million tons of coal gangue every year. Therefore, the comprehensive utilization of coal gangue has a broad market "money" prospect. With the continuous optimization and upgrading of the crushing equipment, the large-scale double tooth roller crusher has become an ideal choice for the treatment of coal gangue. First of all, the application of various gangues can not be separated from crushing. Secondly, the equipment has large crushing capacity, safety and reliability, high efficiency and low consumption, and even particle output. Comb plates are respectively installed on the two sides of the wall to ensure that the coal gangue which has reached the required particle size in the feed will not be broken again, but reduce the energy consumption and the over smashing caused by crushing.

We know that coal gangue is not used for disposal. It not only occupies a lot of land, but also emits sulfide to pollute the air, farmland and water. The gangue hill will even cause fire or collapse and silting up the river in rainy season. Therefore, to deal with gangue and eliminate these environmental problems, it is the key to select a suitable crusher. At present, many coal mines are used by technicians to determine the appropriate processing equipment by comparing the technical parameters of various double tooth roller crushers after determining the coal quality in the area.

In recent years, China has made a major breakthrough in the comprehensive utilization of coal gangue. At present, the comprehensive utilization focuses on high added value, and takes the technologies of coal gangue power generation, coal gangue building materials and products, coal gangue beneficiation and harmless treatment of gangue hill as the main direction. Following this direction, Shanghai Shibang's new gangue toothed roller crusher adopts the limited distance type hydraulic coupling to connect the motor and reducer, to prevent power overload, sensor overload protection, and tooth shape optimization design, tooth roller spacing hydraulic adjustment, tooth roller bearing centralized lubrication.


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