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Jiangsu Nantong Crushing Machinery Factory Teaches You The Skills Of Equipment Maintenance

Last Update:2020-05-08 17:09:32

Now Nantong crusher has a very good sales volume in the market, and it is loved by various industries. It is also the main equipment they use for stone crushing. According to the long-term market survey, the problem is that some entrepreneurs use the same crusher equipment of the same brand for a long time, while others use it for a short time. It is known that the original maintenance can extend the service life of the crusher. Next, Nantong crushing machinery factory will teach you maintenance skills.

First, the gap adjustment between the rotor and lining plate of Nantong crusher. During the normal operation of the equipment, the clearance between the rotor and the reaction lining plate cannot be adjusted casually. If a lot of large pieces of materials stay between the lining plate and the shell, excellently lift the impact rack first, so that the block of materials can easily go down, and the impact rack is relatively easy to adjust compared with other equipment. Generally, it is necessary to adjust the clearance between the rotor and the reaction lining plate through the adjustment device of Nantong crusher. Some matters need to be noted between the adjustment.

Second: when the wearing parts of Nantong crusher wear to a certain extent, they need to be replaced in time. In the process of using the crusher, users need to check regularly to see which vulnerable parts of the crusher are worn and which parts have quality problems, which need to be checked and solved one by one. When replacing the vulnerable parts of the crusher, open them first and then put them on the rack. Remove the connecting bolts between the upper frame and the middle box, and slowly open the back frame of Jiangsu Nantong crusher. At the same time, it is also necessary to use the hanging device to lift the back frame to facilitate the replacement of vulnerable parts of the crusher.

Third, Jiangsu Nantong crusher liner. Compared with other parts of the crusher, the lining plate is an important one, which plays a decisive role in the normal operation of the equipment. The quality of the lining plate will also affect the output and working efficiency of the equipment, so the user must ensure the "health" of the equipment lining plate. When it is found that the liner of Nantong crusher is worn to a certain extent, excellent and timely replace the new liner. When replacing the lining plate, first open the rear upper cover, remove the cotter pin, slotted nut and bolt for the lining plate, and then install a new lining plate.


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