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Jiangsu Jaw Crusher Manufacturer Explains The Reasons And Solutions For The Blocking

Last Update:2020-05-10 19:57:05

As a kind of common crushing equipment, jaw crusher is a kind of crushing equipment that many production personnel are familiar with. At present, there are many jaw crusher manufacturers in China, which have great advantages in production and various types of equipment, which brings new impetus to the development of crushing industry in China. However, in the actual production process, there are many users will encounter the phenomenon of the crusher car, this jaw crusher manufacturer specially to explain the causes of the equipment car and common solutions.

In view of this problem, many jaw crusher manufacturers have systematically improved the original cyclone dust collector, using high-tech high-efficiency four cylinder combined cyclone dust collector to replace the traditional one. According to the jaw crusher manufacturer, this new type of dust collector is very simple to operate and adopts a new bag dust collector system, which can improve the production efficiency and ensure the cleanness of the production line.

In order to solve the problem of jaw crusher's blocking, the jaw crusher manufacturer can also use the load current operation method to detect the classifier, and then control the feeding speed reasonably, so as to avoid the blocking phenomenon and realize the combination of ideal production process parameters of jaw crusher. This method can ensure the grouping accuracy of the jaw crusher in Jiangsu Province, improve the productivity of the equipment, and effectively prevent the blocking of materials and the occurrence of pressing cavity.

In addition, in order to prevent the jaw crusher from being blocked during operation, the air separation process system can be improved reasonably. According to the jaw crusher manufacturer, in order to effectively cooperate with the work of high-efficiency fine powder concentrator and overcome the characteristics of high resistance in production, it can generally be realized through high-pressure blast, induced draft fan, etc. In this way, it can effectively avoid the occurrence of choking, at the same time, it can ensure efficient production and reduce the failure rate of the jaw crusher production line in Jiangsu Province.

The above is the common causes and basic solutions for the phenomenon of vehicle blocking in the operation of the relevant equipment explained by the jaw crusher manufacturer, hoping to attract the attention of all operators. In the production process of jaw crusher, it is necessary to do a good job in the maintenance of the equipment, timely check the body and parts of Jiangsu jaw crusher, and timely repair and replace in case of wear, so as to ensure the efficient work of the equipment.


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