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Jc Series Crusher Manufacturers Explain How To Use The Equipment

Last Update:2020-05-07 11:11:55

Among many crusher models, JC series crusher is a common crusher model, which is widely used in various industries. Proper use and operation of the equipment can not only bring high benefits to entrepreneurs, but also extend the service life of the equipment. Below by JC series crusher manufacturers to explain the use of equipment, hope to help you.

Before starting the JC crusher, Zhuoyue first turns the drive wheel by manpower, so as to see if the drive wheel can rotate flexibly. If it is flexible, it can be started. At the beginning of operation, the crusher cannot be fed immediately. It is necessary to wait until the crusher cloud is installed normally before feeding. Before feeding, it is necessary to check the water content, size and other basic characteristics of the material, and only after it meets the crushing conditions of JC series crusher, can the material be fed, otherwise it needs to be treated until it meets the requirements before crushing. In the process of feeding, users need to maintain a uniform speed. In order to improve the output of the crusher, some users keep feeding the equipment, but this can only reduce the output of the equipment.

During the official crushing of JC series crusher, the excellent operators often check the quality of the broken products of the equipment to see whether the particle size of the finished materials meets the requirements. If the particle size of the finished product is relatively large, it is necessary to find out the reasons. Generally, the main reasons for the large particle size of the finished product are the too large gap of the screen bar, the too wide discharge opening, etc., and the corresponding methods are adopted to solve them. If it is found that the particle size of the finished product does not meet the requirements, the manufacturer of JC series crusher suggests that the user should stop the machine immediately to find out the reason, and can not operate the equipment again until the problem is solved.

During the operation of the equipment, the operator needs to check the JC crusher regularly, pay attention to the temperature of the bearing and whether it is in a good lubrication state, listen to the vibration sound without any abnormality, and solve the problems in time. To complete the crushing operation, before the JC series crusher stops running, the operator needs to stop according to the steps in the manual. First of all, stop feeding and discharge the materials in the crushing chamber, and then cut off the power supply to achieve safe shutdown.


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