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Jawbone Prices Vary In Shandong Province

Last Update:2020-05-10 06:47:16

As a kind of crushing equipment, jawbone is widely used in Shandong Province. This traditional crushing equipment has great production advantages, high production efficiency, simple operation, more convenient maintenance, and can meet the various production needs of different users. In the actual production process, users will encounter a variety of equipment failures. Jawbone quotation is also different across the country, so how to eliminate the common faults of jaw crusher?

The price of jawbone is actually different. During the production, there are many problems, such as the high temperature of the bearing of the equipment. If not handled in time, it will have a great impact on the normal production and even cause production accidents. The reason for the high temperature of the bearing is generally due to the insufficient amount of grease or dirt. It may also be caused by the too large and too small distance between the broken bearings in Shandong. For this reason, it is necessary to add new grease in time and adjust the distance between the bearings in time.

Some users will encounter the continuous beating of the equipment during production, which is mainly caused by the loosening of the foundation fastening bolts of Shandong jawbone. The bolts can be checked in time and tightened in time in case of looseness. The price of jaw breaking is actually different. During production, it is necessary to pay attention to that the flywheel rotates normally but the jaw stops moving. This phenomenon is mainly caused by the broken thrust plate or the damaged connecting rod. The operator should replace the thrust plate in time, repair the connecting rod and replace the spring in time.

When jawbone is running in Shandong Province, the spring is often broken. Many users will encounter this situation, which is generally caused by the fact that the spring is not loosened when the discharge port is adjusted. For this reason, the spring should be loosened before the bolt is tightened when the discharge port is adjusted. Jawbone price has a lot to do with the strength of the manufacturer. In addition, during the production process, there will be loose tooth plates and metal impact sound, which is mainly caused by loose screws. It is necessary to replace the screws in time.

Jaw crusher failure is a variety of, the above simple for you to introduce several common failures. It is hoped that all operators should pay attention to these common jawbone failures in Shandong Province. In addition to jawbone price, they should also understand the common troubleshooting methods so as to find and remove the failures in time and ensure the normal and efficient operation of the production line equipment.


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