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Jaw Crusher Has A Wide Range Of Uses And Functions

Last Update:2020-05-14 04:54:03

Generally speaking, the productivity of jaw crusher is very high. As a kind of common crusher, this kind of equipment has been widely used in today's production. There are many kinds of jaw crusher materials, different materials produce different equipment. In the process of formal operation, the production materials need to be overhauled, and the parts of the equipment should also pay attention to daily maintenance. The jaw crusher has full functions. How to carry out material maintenance and parts maintenance?

There are many uses of jaw crusher. When carrying out normal maintenance, materials can be put into the jaw crusher first, so as to observe whether the crushing of the equipment is uniform, whether the operation efficiency is normal, etc. At the same time, pay attention to check whether the jaw crusher function is abnormal, whether the temperature is too high, etc. Only when these precautions are done well, can the equipment be adjusted in time in production, so that it can play a very large production advantage.

Generally, when the jaw crusher is not in operation, it also needs to do a good job in equipment maintenance, which can be divided into overhaul, medium repair and minor repair. According to the different materials of jaw crusher, the specific maintenance cycle is also different, and the maintenance mode is also different. Minor repair is mainly for daily maintenance, to check whether the clearance of discharge port is normal and whether the parts are seriously damaged, while medium repair is to check the thrust plate, lining plate and bearing pad on the basis of minor repair. The jaw crusher is very powerful. When overhauling, it is necessary to check the equipment in an all-round way and replace the worn parts. Generally, the overhaul period is 1-2 years.

Combined with the jaw crusher function, the parts of the equipment should be cleaned regularly. Different cleaning methods can be selected, mainly including vibration cleaning, boiling cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, spray cleaning and scrubbing. According to the material of jaw crusher, boiling cleaning is to boil the parts of the equipment with the prepared solution, while vibration cleaning is to remove the oil stains on the parts with the vibration of vibration cleaning machine. Ultrasonic cleaning relies on the chemical action of cleaning fluid and ultrasonic vibration to remove oil.

The function of jaw crusher is very complete, but in the process of production, due to various reasons, there may be material and parts failure of the equipment. This requires all operators to have a deep understanding of the basic structure and operation principle of jaw crusher, do a good job of equipment maintenance in the process of production, timely repair the equipment and replace the parts according to the jaw crusher materials, so as to ensure the efficient operation of the production line.


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