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It Is Very Important To Sketch The Construction Scheme Of Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-12 23:57:57

Generally speaking, some large-scale equipment production is very large, long-term operation will bring great damage to the equipment. It is not difficult to see from the schematic diagram of jaw crusher that the utilization rate of this kind of equipment is still very high. In addition to being familiar with some basic operation skills and production principles of the equipment, it is also necessary to understand the safety operation procedures and daily maintenance of jaw crusher. Let's take a look at the daily maintenance measures of jaw crusher.

It is introduced in the construction scheme of jaw crusher that in fact, the static jaw shaft suspension seat of kidney disease is generally connected by stud bolts. At the same time, there are some threaded holes with the same shape in the suspension shaft seat. Once these threads are not processed with high precision, it is easy to cause the bolt connection clearance to continuously increase, and finally loose or even fall off, It has brought great influence on the safety operation rules of jaw crusher, and even caused some serious safety production accidents.

In the safety operation rules of jaw crusher, it can also be found that once the pre tightening force of the connecting bolt of the static jaw shaft hanging shaft seat of the equipment is not enough, it may also cause the equipment to be loose or even completely broken. In production, all users should pay attention to the calculation of the eccentric force and rotation speed of the equipment. While meeting the calculation of the equipment bearing, they should also select the bearing with the same size according to the schematic diagram of the jaw crusher.

When many people look at the schematic diagram of jaw crusher, they will also find that the connecting bolt of jaw crusher is generally M42, which has a relatively small diameter. Most of the materials used are 45 steel, and its strength can not meet the production demand. Therefore, in production, it is necessary to use multiple blows of jaw crusher to crush materials according to the requirements of safety operation regulations of jaw crusher, and the higher the vibration frequency, the better. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the appropriate movement frequency, so as to reduce the occurrence of faults.

In fact, the construction scheme of jaw crusher is very important for the later operation of the equipment. For all users, it is necessary to have a deep understanding. During operation, pay attention to the strict implementation of production requirements, and do a good job in the maintenance of jaw crusher. In addition to the safety operation procedures of jaw crusher, it is also necessary to check the equipment in time, repair the equipment in time in case of any fault and wear, and ensure the efficient operation of the production line.


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