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It Is Very Important To Select The Type Of Raymond Mill

Last Update:2020-05-01 18:59:23

Bentonite grinding machine is a kind of grinding machine specially used for bentonite grinding. According to the different fineness of the grinding machine, it can be divided into several models. However, the corresponding equipment price and application range of different models are different, so the selection is very important for the model of bentonite grinding machine. How to choose the model of bentonite mill correctly is a headache for almost all customers who buy the equipment. Here, Dawning mill manufacturer will make a simple analysis for you based on many years of mill production experience: 1. Select according to the production requirements: determine the approximate model of bentonite mill according to the expected output value of the enterprise. In general, the larger the model of bentonite grinder is, the larger the processing capacity is, and more output can be achieved in the same time. Of course, the corresponding price of bentonite grinder is also higher. 2. Choose according to the hardness of the materials to be grinded: for different materials, there are great differences in their hardness, structure, volume size, viscosity and other characteristics, and different models of bentonite mills have different designs in the size of the feed inlet, so when grinding materials with different characteristics, they need to use the corresponding bentonite mill model, so the user is choosing the type It's necessary to know the materials to be processed before No. 3. Choose according to the grain size requirements of the finished product: to be clear about this point is to know what kind of materials are used after treatment. Only knowing the mill manufacturer can we recommend the appropriate mill model to you. In fact, at present, many bentonite mills are particle size adjustable, but the adjustment range of different types of bentonite mills is also different. 4. Choose according to the cost performance of the equipment: cost performance refers to the ratio of the performance size of the bentonite grinder to the price. In order to purchase the high cost performance of the bentonite grinder, users need to have a comprehensive understanding of the output, adaptability, crushing efficiency, environmental protection and other aspects of the performance of each specification and model of the bentonite grinder, and understand the price of each bentonite grinder Low price to buy high-quality, energy-saving, efficient bentonite mill equipment. For more details, please pay attention to our official account of WeChat.


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