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It Is Very Important To Protect The Environment And High Efficiency Of Crusher Used In Power Plant

Last Update:2020-05-10 08:55:59

Power plant crusher is often used to deal with raw materials with high humidity, which can avoid blocking. If raw materials contain a large amount of water, the feed inlet and impact panel of the equipment can be equipped with special heating parts, which can avoid sticking raw materials to the equipment. The equipment is equipped with a special sieve plate, which is located in the position of the equipment, which can avoid blocking of the equipment The crusher does not have the corresponding sieve plate, so it is easy to block the mouth of the equipment with raw materials and affect the normal operation of the equipment.

Power plant crusher is widely used in both soft and hard materials, which can avoid blocking the cavity of the equipment. This type of equipment is an environmental protection equipment, which can save energy and improve efficiency. The feeding port of the equipment can be adjusted at will. The equipment can automatically generate kinetic energy, and the surplus kinetic energy will be stored in the equipment. Therefore, the energy consumption of the equipment is very small, only half of the energy consumption of similar equipment, so the equipment has high economic benefits.

The noise of power plant crusher is very small, and the amplitude is very small. Even if people stand beside the equipment, they will not feel too much noise. The equipment adopts a fully enclosed structure, which can avoid the harmful substances in the outside to cause damage to the equipment, and at the same time, it can avoid the dust in the equipment to cause damage to people's body. Operators do not need to worry about occupational diseases when operating this equipment , is the real sense of environmental protection equipment. The granularity of raw materials can be adjusted freely, such as adjusting the rotor speed, adjusting the gap between the reaction plate and the grinding chamber. The clearance can be adjusted mechanically or hydraulically. The clearance can be adjusted easily by the local operation button or the transportation control system with the hydraulic adjustment system. But the hammer crusher can only adjust the discharging granularity by changing the bottom sieve plate.


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