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Investment Prospect Of Machine Made Sand

Last Update:2020-05-07 12:29:33

In March of this year, at the third China cement network annual meeting, according to Professor Jiang Zhengwu, School of materials science and engineering, Tongji University, China's sand industry has shown a good prospect of large demand and continuous growth, tight supply and exhausted natural reserves, while the price of river sand is generally rising.

According to statistics of the Department of housing and construction of Guangdong Province, the average market price of river sand in Guangdong Province was 60.52 yuan / m3 in 2011; 82.55 yuan / m3 in 2012, a year-on-year increase of 33%; nearly 100 yuan / m3 in 2013, a year-on-year increase of 20%. According to local media reports, the rising price of river sand has even caused a collective rebound in downstream industries, and the Guangdong provincial government has to take administrative measures to rectify it. In 2013, Zhu Xiaodan, governor of Guangdong Province, made good comments on the price increase of river sand for two times, "to effectively maintain the price order of river sand".

According to incomplete statistics of China Association of sand and stone, the consumption of sand and stone in China has grown from less than 500 million tons in 1981 to more than 12 billion tons in 2013, with the annual sales volume increasing more than 20 times. "According to the medium and long-term development plan of national infrastructure, it is expected that the consumption of sand and stone will still grow at a rate of more than 20% per year." Hu Youyi, President of China Association of sand and stone, believes that although the production of machine-made sand increases rapidly, there will be a gap in production capacity for some time.

River sand supply is insufficient, let a lot of concrete manufacturers complain ceaselessly. Hu Zhengxin, general manager of Hunan Zhangjiajie Xinyue building materials Co., Ltd., said, "in the first two years, we couldn't buy Hesha everywhere. Customers urged us to ask for goods. Every time we sang with customers, we would order" crying sand ". Customers had to smile bitterly.". Now, Hu Zhengxin's transformation has become a mechanism sand.

The exploitation of river sand can be regarded as a great profit. The scale of investment is small and the technical content is low. Any sand dredger (including sand dredger and sand suction boat, etc.) can be used to exploit the river sand as soon as the river is opened. After one river beach is excavated, it will be transferred to another river beach. According to the current price, a person in the industry told China Economic Weekly that a common sand dredger with 1000 horsepower can collect more than 5000 cubic meters of sand every night. If the profit per square meter of sand is calculated as 20 yuan, the profit can be more than 100000 yuan in one night.

A group of data released by Hunan Provincial Office of good sand mining projects in 2012 is shocking: the total annual sand mining volume is 170 million tons, and the annual sand mining volume in Dongting Lake area is more than 70 million tons; among 3701 sand mining ships, 1575 are unlicensed; among 2979 sand quarries (wharves), 1534 are unlicensed; nearly 600 million cubic meters of sand tailings are distributed in all rivers and Dongting Lake area in Hunan.

Mao Jianwei, the head of green Xiaoxiang environmental protection organization, has been paying close attention to the environmental protection problems of Xiangjiang River Basin for many years. During many years of tracking, he found that illegal sand mining "has great damage" to Xiangjiang River, and even "devastating" in some places. The greater danger of illegal sand mining is the direct destruction of flood control levees and other river works. He told China Economic Weekly that every night, the sand owners would drive the sand dredger directly to the flood control embankment. Only one ship can dig a big gap in one night. Sometimes there are more ships, "digging up is very fast.".

Another serious impact of illegal sand mining on flood control is that sand mining will reduce part of the river bed, make the river form a vortex, affect the speed of flood discharge, and may break the bank when the flood comes. "Independent cold autumn, Xiangjiang north, Orange Island head." On the main stream of Xiangjiang River, sandbanks like orange island are not uncommon. However, illegal sand mining may destroy these sandbanks formed over thousands of years. "Yangmeizhou in Xiangtan has been excavated by a third, and Baisha in Yisu river is only half." When it comes to this, Mao Jianwei is distressed.

Under the chaos, in 2012, Hunan Province issued the Trial Measures for the management of sand mining in the river course of Hunan Province, which clearly defined the prohibited mining area, explicitly prohibited any ship from mining sand in the prohibited mining area, and prohibited unlicensed sand dredger from mining sand. On April 1 this year, the implementation plan of Hunan Xiangjiang River protection regulations, a comprehensive local regulation of the Ministry of river basin protection, was formally implemented. It was once again proposed to "comprehensively strengthen the management of sand mining in river channels, severely crack down on all kinds of illegal sand related activities, and ban the mining in urban reaches above the city level and in Changsha comprehensive pivotal new reservoir area".

At the end of 2013, the Yangtze River Water Conservancy Commission and the Yellow River Water Conservancy Commission also issued sand mining management measures successively. On March 21 this year, the Ministry of water resources issued the guiding opinions on strengthening the management of rivers and lakes, which called for comprehensive strengthening of the administrative law enforcement of illegal sand mining in rivers and lakes, strengthening the on-site supervision of the mining areas during the mining period, and maintaining the high-pressure crackdown on illegal sand mining.

According to this year's announcement on the auction of sand mining rights issued by Changsha, Hengyang, Xiangxi, Loudi, Huaihua and other places in Hunan Province, the reporter of China Economic Weekly found that the bid section for sand mining ranged from 606 meters to 12.8 kilometers, and the base price for bidding ranged from 800000 to 22460000 yuan. If calculated according to the base price of bidding, the license fee per ton of river sand is 20-30 yuan.

In some areas, sand mining license fee is a huge revenue. For example, the base price of sand mining license fee in 2014 in Luxi County totaled 30 million yuan, close to 10% of its fiscal revenue in 2013. In 2014, the licensing fee for sand mining in Hengyang City exceeded 230 million yuan. In this regard, some people in the industry are quite grumbling, "the license fee is too high, and the price is also increased every year. We can't make money without digging more.". Machine made sand production equipment sand machine equipment look for liming, good production sand machine equipment factory.

According to the planning of sand mining in the main stream of Hunan Province and Dongting Lake (2012-2016), the total amount of sand mining is 120 million tons per year, which is 50 million tons less than the actual amount of sand mining published in 2012. However, there is no unified aggregate control of sand mining. According to the 2012 statistical bulletin of water conservancy development, the total amount of sand mining in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in 2012 was 75.29 million tons.

Li Hua, CEO of China aggregate network, directly pointed out the secret, "now, the sand dredgers you see are almost all legal. When the owner of sand got the right of sand mining, he said that 200000 tons should be mined, but at least 500000 tons should be dug. Many places don't care. The boss has a good relationship with some officials and can always dig for other reasons, such as river dredging. "

Whether it is adopted or not, it is no longer the root of the problem. Zhao shunzeng, a professor of China Academy of building materials science, even thinks that "it's not necessary to ban mining. In a few years, there will be no natural sand in China. There will be no good river sand in the north. There is only a little bit left in the Yangtze River Basin in Hunan and Jiangxi, and it's almost gone."

The raw materials of machine-made sand are sufficient, "machine-made sand can be produced wherever there is stone", and the urban construction waste and mine tailings can also be developed into machine-made sand raw materials. Professor Zhao shunzeng said that compared with river sand, using high-quality machine-made sand can better control the construction quality. Stable and low price is the greater advantage of machine-made sand. According to Li Hua, "the prices of machine-made sand vary from place to place, but they are much cheaper than river sand." In Jishi, Xiangxi, the price of river sand is 95 yuan / ton, while that of machine-made sand is 70 yuan / ton. In addition, the profit of machine-made sand is considerable. Ding zushi, chairman of Qiancheng Concrete Co., Ltd. in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, calculated an account. Taking the introduced Zhonglian heavy industry zsl150 machine-made sand production line as an example, the trial production lasted for half a month, with more than 2000 tons per day and an estimated gross profit of more than 1 million yuan per month.

As a large manufacturer of machine-made sand equipment in China, the data provided by Zoomlion shows that the use of high-quality machine-made sand can reduce the cement consumption of more than 50 kg per cubic meter of concrete. According to incomplete statistics of China's concrete network, in 2013, China's concrete output reached 2.196 billion cubic meters. If all high-quality machine-made sand is used, 100 million tons of cement can be saved every year. If 300 yuan / ton of cement is used, 30 billion yuan will be saved every year.

In a small sandstone mine in Shaodong county, Hunan Province, the reporter saw that the whole mountain was cut to pieces, and several crumbling pine trees stood on the cliff, with their roots exposed outside the rock wall. A tractor, a conveyor belt, a small crusher and a sieve are all the mechanical equipment in the mine. The miner told reporters that the mine has been open for three years. When the market is good, there are two or three hundred tons of output a day. "They sell out every day, and sometimes they have to queue up for cars.".

"When they break the stone, it's called machine-made sand. We don't care if it's called sand. The mixing plant doesn't use it at all. It can't meet the requirements of concrete." Ding zushi said. Before mining, regular machine-made sand enterprises should select the mine site, production scale, technological process and equipment selection and matching on the basis of scientific and detailed experimental research according to the different ore sources and markets.

According to statistics, there are 107000 mines in China, among which there are nearly 57000 sand, gravel and earth mines, only 2704 of which have reached large scale, accounting for 5% of the total; 625 of which have medium scale, accounting for 11%; 47925 of which have small scale, accounting for 84% of the total. In 2013, the Ministry of land and resources required the implementation of production restriction, closure, merger and reorganization and other rectification measures for small, disorderly and poor mines.

In January this year, Guizhou, which accounts for more than 90% of machine-made sand, took the lead in issuing the notice on strengthening the development and management of good source of sand, stone and soil, which requires that the mines in the forbidden mining area shall be closed, the mines in the restricted mining area shall be contracted, and the mines in the mining area shall be concentrated, so as to ensure that the total number of sand, stone and soil mines in the province will be controlled at 2878 by the end of 2015. In Henan Province, Huixian County, a large sandstone County, has shut down small-scale mines continuously. By the end of 2013, the number of sandstone mines has decreased from 187 to 52, with 135 closed. Machine made sand production equipment sand machine equipment look for liming, good production sand machine equipment manufacturers.

The industry conservatively estimates that the output value of sand and stone industry in 2013 is more than 300 billion yuan, and the output value of transportation industry is more than 200 billion yuan, ranking the second largest building materials industry in China. However, the scale is not commensurate with the fact that there is no administrative department in charge of the unified management of the sandstone industry in China, neither has the sandstone been included in the statistical scope as an industrial product, nor has there been a unified national production and application standard. For example, in the application of sand and stone, industrial and civil buildings are managed by urban and rural construction departments, water conservancy projects are within the scope of water conservancy departments, and roads are in the charge of transportation departments.

At present, there is no good research and development and design institution of sand and stone aggregate in China, and no relevant good industry has been set up in DAHAO University, or even a special sand and stone aggregate testing institution, so the system testing means are lacking. "At present, more than 90% of the machine-made sand production enterprises do not have laboratories, and the factory inspection and the provision of qualification certificates are basically not implemented." Han Jixian said.

Now, the scale and standardization development of machine-made sand industry has become a foregone conclusion. All kinds of soldiers and horses have entered the mechanism sand industry, running fast to encircle the land, and the production capacity has exploded. 2014 may be the historical turning point of the development of machine-made sand industry. Machine made sand production equipment sand machine equipment look for liming, good production sand machine equipment factory.

Zoomlion is a large concrete machinery manufacturer in the world. Since 2008, Zoomlion has been involved in the machine-made sand equipment industry, which has become one of the main directions of its strategic transformation. "In the next five years, our goal is to achieve 10 billion yuan of output value of machine-made sand equipment." Guo Xuehong, vice president of Zoomlion Heavy Industries, said. XCMG, Nanfang road machinery and other construction machinery enterprises also regard machine-made sand equipment as one of the new development directions. Opportunities are fleeting, and the competition pattern of machine-made sand industry may take shape in two or three years.

Cement "big guys" are even more ambitious. The existing capacity of conch cement's aggregate has exceeded 10 million tons, and more production lines are on the way; Jidong Cement plans to build a production base of 200 million tons of aggregate; Zhejiang richangsheng Mining Co., Ltd. has invested up to 4 billion yuan in the project in Chizhou, Anhui Province, and the production scale will reach 100 million tons / year two years later.

In the second half of 2013, the Ministry of land and resources started the investigation on the current situation of the exploitation and management of the whole placer and soil mine, intending to find out the basic situation of the exploitation and management of the placer and soil mine and strengthen the exploitation and management of the placer and soil mine. Han Jixian disclosed that the Ministry of industry and information technology has entrusted China sandstone association to formulate the guiding opinions on promoting the development of machine-made sand industry and the technical standards for the production of machine-made sand and stone; the Ministry of soil and resources has also formulated the access conditions for the mining of construction sand and stone mines. Various policies are expected to be issued intensively in 2014.

Driven by the policy, Guo Xuehong predicted optimistically that machine-made sand is expected to reproduce the process of forcing the implementation of commercial concrete to replace on-site mixing concrete. "From the current situation, the promotion speed of machine-made sand will be faster than that of commercial concrete, and it may be widely used nationwide within five years." There is a bright future for the investment of machine-made sand. Reprinted in people's Daily - China Economic Weekly


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