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Introduction To The Working Principle Of Hebei Large Heavy Crushing Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-09 18:14:30

The large jaw crusher is often used in the crushing process of ore in mining. Because of its different working principle, jaw crusher can be divided into heavy jaw crusher, double pendulum jaw crusher, simple pendulum jaw crusher and other different models. In different areas of China, the development of crushers is not very consistent, for example, the development of Hebei E-crusher is better than Beijing E-crusher.

Compared with the simple pendulum jaw crusher, the double pendulum jaw crusher has lighter weight, fewer components, more compact structure and better filling degree of crushing chamber. The material block is uniformly broken, and the lower end of the movable jaw is forced to push out the finished product for unloading, so the productivity is high. The material block has a large up and down rolling motion in the lower part of the moving jaw, which is easy to be unloaded in the shape of a cube, reducing the flaky components like those in the simple pendulum products.

Simple swing jaw crusher and complex swing jaw crusher have similar working principle. But there is a big difference in the moving track of the moving jaw. In a simple swing jaw crusher, the moving track of each point on the moving jaw is circular arc, and the horizontal stroke is small up and large down, while the bottom of the moving jaw (at the ore discharge mouth) is very large. Because the ore falling into the crushing chamber is large ore block in the upper part, which often cannot reach the necessary compression amount for ore crushing, the large ore in the upper part needs to be repeatedly crushed for many times before crushing. The crushing load is mostly concentrated in the lower part of the crushing chamber, and the whole jaw plate does not work evenly, thus reducing the production capacity of the crusher.

The moving jaw of the complex swing jaw crusher is the connecting rod of the crank connecting rod mechanism. Driven by the eccentric shaft, the movement track of the upper point of the moving jaw is approximately elliptical. The ellipticity is small at the top and large at the bottom, and the upper part is approximately circular. The horizontal stroke of the crusher is just the opposite of the simple swing jaw crusher, the upper part of which is large and the lower part is small, so that it can meet the compression required for crushing the large ore in the upper part of the crushing chamber. At the same time, the vertical stroke of the whole movable jaw is larger than the horizontal stroke, which is conducive to promoting ore discharge and improving production capacity.


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