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Introduction To The Use Of Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-03 12:19:31

In recent years, with the continuous improvement and development of China's crushing technology, the use of crushers in China is expanding, and the crushing technology is becoming more and more mature. The crusher is a large-scale equipment, which needs users for maintenance and operation of such equipment, and the work content is relatively tedious. In the process of using the crusher, there will be corresponding skills. The following is the introduction of relevant content.

1. Before starting the crusher, it is necessary to test the crusher first. Although the test is troublesome, it plays a great role in maintaining the equipment and prolonging the service life of the equipment. During the test run, the operator needs to follow the steps in the crusher's operation manual, instead of simplifying the operation steps, and needs to follow the test run step by step, so as to achieve the real purpose of the test run. Before the test run, the operator shall observe the operation of the equipment and the lubrication of all parts, and pay attention to the fastening of all parts of the equipment. If everything is normal, start the test run.

2. During the use of the crusher, operators need to cherish the equipment, not only to switch on and off according to the correct steps, but also to carry out necessary maintenance work on the equipment. Operators who want better operation equipment must be familiar with the introduction of crusher, and understand the scope of use of crusher and some functions, so as to usher in more benefits. During the selection of materials, the operator must select according to the function range of the crusher. Only when the crusher is suitable for crushing, the function of the crusher can play a very large role.

3. When maintaining the crusher, it is necessary to focus on the key parts of the crusher and the easily worn parts. Only by extending the service life of equipment parts can the service life of the equipment be extended. The maintenance equipment includes not only ensuring the normal use range of crusher, but also opening and closing the crusher according to normal steps. When the crusher is finished, do not add materials to the crushing chamber before shutdown. Let the crusher idle for a few minutes until all the materials in the crushing chamber have been crushed before shutdown.


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