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Introduction To The Performance Characteristics Of The Powerful Double Shaft Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-06 20:39:20

When it comes to biaxial crusher, let's first understand its development history. It originated from the European continent in the 1980s. The purpose of the design is for the treatment of domestic waste and industrial waste. Because of the high level of industrial development in Europe at that time, the output of industrial waste was very large, and it was in urgent need of treatment, so the double axle crusher was born. Biaxial crusher was introduced to China in the 1990s, and developed rapidly from scratch. It has been widely used in domestic waste, industrial waste, biomass, medical waste crushing and other industries.

The powerful double axis crusher plays an important role in the recycling of industrial waste and construction waste. Biaxial crusher is also called biaxial shear crusher because it can cut, extrude and tear materials into small size materials. The appearance of biaxial crusher makes up the shortcomings of hammer crusher and jaw crusher. Hammer crusher, jaw crusher can only crush coal, salt, gypsum, brick, limestone and other brittle and hard materials. The biaxial crusher can crush soft and tough materials such as clothes, branches, wood, films, plastic buckets, electronic waste and medical waste, so as to recycle them. This is also a propaganda angle of many double axis crusher manufacturers - multi-functional material crushing machinery and equipment.

The working principle of the double shaft crusher is as follows: the double shaft crusher is driven by electric motor or hydraulic motor, and the special alloy steel is used to make cutting tools. It is controlled by programmable logic controller. It can automatically reverse when encountering hard objects, and the discharge size can be designed according to the user's requirements. Generally, the speed of the cutter shaft is 10-70 rpm, and the high speed of the motor is reduced to the low speed of the cutter shaft through the reducer. Therefore, the low speed double shaft crusher has the characteristics of high torque, energy saving, low voice, low dust, etc.

At present, biaxial crusher is widely used in construction waste, industrial waste, domestic waste, municipal waste, garden waste, medical waste, kitchen waste, biomass crushing and other fields. To achieve the purpose of reducing waste capacity, recycling, beautifying the urban environment and improving the quality of people's living environment, it is called "the conquering star of urban waste".


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