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Introduction Of Some Important Parts In Nanhai Crushing Machine Of Guangdong Province

Last Update:2020-05-09 10:33:48

Nanhai crusher in Guangdong Province is a well-known crusher production area in China, which plays an important role in many industries. But there are many models of Nanhai crusher. When purchasing crusher, we should not only pay attention to the production efficiency of crusher, understand the working principle of crusher, and seriously consider the price of crusher. If we can understand the structure and basic information of important parts of crusher, it will be more helpful for the operation and maintenance of crusher. Next, it introduces the main parts of the impact crusher, which is a common model in the South China Sea breaker.

The main parts of Nanhai crusher in Guangdong Province are reaction plate and plate hammer. First of all, the function of the impact plate is introduced. The impact plate is mainly used to bear the impact of the plate hammer after crushing the materials, so that the boring can carry out the second crushing, so as to ensure that the materials in the crusher chamber can be sufficiently crushed. Now there are many impact plate crushers on the market. There are two types of crushers: broken line crusher and arc crusher. These two kinds of South China Sea crushers have their own advantages. The broken line impact plate achieves the ideal crushing effect through the vertical impact crushing of materials. After the material rebounds from the impact plate, the material gets intense impact around the center area, and after the material gets free impact, the quality and effect of the finished product of the crusher will also be increased. Therefore, when choosing the South China Sea crusher, the buyer can choose the impact plate of the crusher according to their own needs.

The above describes the impact plate of the South China Sea crushing machine. Next, we will introduce another important part, plate hammer. In fact, the shape and fixing mode of the plate hammer are determined by the working load of the South China Sea crusher. Under the premise of improving the utilization rate of plate hammer, the design of plate hammer should meet the requirements of reliable operation, simple loading and unloading, etc. in addition, in order to prevent excessive wear of plate hammer, alloy steel with strong wear resistance should be selected for manufacturing during the design. Now there are many shapes of plate hammers sold. Due to the good crushing effect, long strip plate hammers are more common. Therefore, it is recommended that you pay attention to the manufacturing materials of plate hammers when selecting crushers, which directly affects the service life of crushers.


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