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Introduction Of Production Process Of Modern New Glass Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-03 02:33:33

China is rapidly promoting the national infrastructure construction, which not only needs a large number of building materials, but also needs more and more glass. Glass application in all aspects of our life, not only has the function of functional type, but also has the role of decoration. After the large-scale construction of the city, most of the remaining glass becomes waste and occupies a lot of space, which is easy to cause casualties. In addition, at the same time, we are in urgent need of a large number of glass products. How to turn waste into treasure? That is to save resources and a lot of urban construction funds. This requires the use of glass crushers, advanced technical equipment and intelligent production process, we can turn waste into treasure, the waste glass can still be used in our lives after reconstruction.

Before we crush and rebuild the waste glass, we must understand the specific properties of the glass in detail, because the hardness of the material is very important for the selection of the material processing equipment, and only by choosing the appropriate glass crusher can we achieve the ideal effect. The Mohs hardness of glass is 5.5-6, which belongs to medium hard material. The existing glass breaking machines in the general market are not only suitable for glass breaking, but also suitable for brittle materials. The modern glass breaking process is far different from the traditional glass breaking method, which adopts the breaking system of float glass production line. The system is mainly composed of plate dropping device, plate connecting device and crusher. The unqualified glass falling plate device detected on the assembly line is directly conveyed to the roller crusher floor crushing bin chute secondary crusher, which falls to a certain angle through the falling plate device and connects with the plate receiving roller to convey the unqualified glass to the glass crushing machine; the cone-shaped crushing bin is under the plate receiving device and crusher, and the secondary crusher is installed at the lower end of the crushing bin, The broken glass enters the belt conveyor system for circulation and return to the furnace after secondary crushing. The connecting roller table and crusher are open installed on the floor, and the dust can fly out with the crusher inlet and outlet to touch the conveying roller table equipment and the conveying qualified glass plate; the same is true for the secondary crushing crusher.

The above is the new process of modern glass breaking technology. Compared with the traditional crushing process, such a crushing process is safer and more efficient, which is also very helpful for the long-term investment interests of enterprises. With the continuous progress of the times, every year new glass crushers have certain technology updates. In the market competition of time is money, who can create very large production efficiency in a short time can win the first chance in the market.


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