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Introduction Of Jaw Crusher Accessories Such As Tooth Plate Bearing

Last Update:2020-05-06 13:15:10

In mining, building materials, infrastructure and other industrial production departments, jaw crusher is mainly used for coarse crushing and medium crushing. According to the width of the feed inlet, it can be divided into three types: large, medium and small. The width of the feed inlet of the large-scale machine is more than 600mm, the width of the feed inlet of the medium-sized machine is between 300-600mm, and the width of the feed inlet of the small-scale machine is more than 300mm. The jaw crusher is simple in structure and reliable in operation.

The crushing work is mainly completed by two jaw plates of jaw crusher teeth, one fixed jaw plate fixed jaw plate, fixed on the front wall of the machine body vertically or slightly outward at the upper end, and the other movable jaw plate moving jaw plate with some inclination, forming a fixed size work area with the fixed jaw plate. The two jaws move back and forth in a relative cycle, sometimes separated, sometimes close. When the jaw plate is separated, the material enters into the crushing chamber, and the finished product can be unloaded from the lower part after the crushing work is completed by the bearing of the jaw crusher; when the jaw plate is close, the material installed between the two jaw plates will be squeezed, bent and split by the tooth plate of the jaw crusher, resulting in crushing.

According to different swing modes of movable jaw plate, jaw crusher can be divided into simple swing jaw crusher, complex swing jaw crusher and comprehensive swing jaw crusher. The jaw crusher accessories are composed of double elbow plate and single elbow plate. When the double elbow plate works, the moving jaw only makes simple arc swing, so this type of crusher is also called simple swing jaw crusher; while the single elbow plate makes arc swing, it also moves up and down, so it is also called complex swing jaw crusher.

There are many domestic jaw crusher manufacturers, their technical level is very different, and their product quality is uneven. While the jaw crusher tooth plate requirements are very high, basically close to the world's advanced level, but also with the times to update the design, to ensure the production of jaw crusher efficient and stable. Whether the jaw crusher can maintain the ideal performance, the more important factor is that the jaw crusher accessories need to have the ideal quality assurance, this characteristic needs to use the optimized design mechanism as a means. That is to say, only to ensure that the jaw crusher adhere to continuous optimization design, can ensure that the crusher has ideal performance.


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