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Introduction Of Important Parts Of Shanghai Pf1000x700 Impact Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-10 00:39:19

1000 * 700 impact crusher is one of many crusher equipment, which plays an important role in modern industrial production. There are many models of impact crusher, but many users are more concerned about the quotation and main parts of 1000 * 700 impact crusher. The main parts of this model of impact crusher are impact plate and plate hammer. In order to help you further understand 1000 * 700 impact crusher, here is a detailed introduction.

First of all, I will introduce the impact plate of 1000 * 700 impact crusher. The main function of the impact plate is to bear the impact of the plate hammer after crushing the materials, and then the materials will be broken again, so as to ensure that the materials are fully broken. There are many forms of counterattack board in the market, and broken line and arc are two common forms. These two types of 1000 * 700 impact crushers have different characteristics of the impact plate, which can be said to have their own advantages. The broken line type impact plate can realize the vertical impact of materials, so that the crushing effect is ideal; different from the broken line type, after the arc type impact plate rebounds the materials, the materials will get intense impact in the center area, and the effect of free impact crushing will be increased. Shanghai pf1000x700 impact crusher manufacturers suggest that you choose the right impact plate according to your actual situation.

Next is the plate hammer of 1000 * 700 impact crusher. The shape and fixed way of the plate hammer are directly related to the working load of the impact crusher. The design of the plate hammer must meet the requirements of reliable operation, simple loading and unloading, and improving the utilization rate of the plate hammer. At the same time, the wear-resistant alloy steel should be selected as the raw material of the plate hammer. It is suggested that the majority of users should pay more attention to the raw materials of plate hammer when paying attention to the quotation of 1000 * 700 impact crusher.

Like the impact plate, there are many shapes of plate hammers on the market. The long strip plate hammers are common. Due to the good crushing effect, they are widely used. The manufacturer of Shanghai pf1000x700 impact crusher said: many users of 1000 * 700 impact crusher will choose the long strip hammer produced by regular manufacturers.

In a word, the impact plate and hammer of 1000 * 700 impact crusher need to be designed according to the function and type of impact crusher. We must choose the material with wear resistance, corrosion resistance and strong impact resistance. Although the quotation of such 1000 * 700 impact crusher is high, it can bring higher profits for users, and it will also be recognized by the industry. We hope that the majority of impact crusher users will not blindly The price is the center of purchasing equipment.


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