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Installation And Maintenance Of Rolling Bearing Of Kaolin Mill

Last Update:2020-05-07 06:58:45

As an important part of the kaolin mill, bearing has a direct impact on the smooth production of the mill. Therefore, the installation and maintenance of the rolling bearing of the kaolin mill is an important condition to ensure the safe operation of the mill production line. Here is a brief introduction to the installation and maintenance of the rolling bearing of the kaolin mill, hoping to help you. First of all, with the extension of grinding time of kaolin mill, the clearance of sliding bearing of the mill will increase, at this time, we generally need to re pour bearing alloy. Here, it should be noted that the reasonable operation should be carried out according to the specific situation of the bearing. If it needs to be replaced, it should be the same as the original bearing. For the used bearings, the wear of shaft diameter should be considered to reduce the size of bore properly. Secondly, when we install the bearings of the kaolin mill, we should handle them with care to avoid excessive force in the process of installation and to prevent the bearings from touching other hard objects, thus affecting the performance of the equipment. When replacing the bearing, do not use a hammer to hit it hard, which will easily cause damage to the bearing. And it is easy to cause bearing deformation under the condition of strong knocking, which will also reduce the rolling property of the bearing and increase the friction after installation. Third, in order to maintain the durability of the rolling bearing of the kaolin mill, it is necessary to do well in the maintenance of the bearing. For example, in daily use, regularly and quantitatively add or change lubricating oil to the bearing parts, and do a good job in cleaning the bearing parts to avoid dust and impurities entering into the bearing, causing pollution to the lubricating oil and increasing the wear of the bearing.  


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