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Inertia Cone Breaker Manufacturer Tells The Structural Difference Between Fine Crushing And Coarse Crushing

Last Update:2020-05-07 20:09:32

At present, cone crusher is a kind of crushing equipment which is widely used in various production, and its advantage is huge. Inertia cone crusher is a kind of cone crusher, which can be divided into coarse crushing and medium fine crushing. In fact, the working principles of the two are basically the same. However, the two inertia cone crusher structures are quite different, which is what all users want to know. Let's see the difference between the two cone crushers.

According to the manufacturer of inertia cone crusher, first of all, there is a great difference between the inclination of the cone of coarse crushing and fine crushing. In the course of coarse crushing, the inclination of the cone is generally relatively large, so that the material is given a greater feeding force and the crushing efficiency is higher. Moreover, the fixed cone of the coarse crusher is inverted and the moving cone is upright; In the medium fine cone crusher, the general cone angle is much smaller than that of the coarse crusher, and the two cone bodies of this inertial cone crusher are upright.

According to the different types of inertia cone broken structure, there are great differences, which are obviously reflected in the medium fine crusher and coarse crusher. For the dynamic cone, the dynamic cone of the coarse crushing cone crusher is generally located on the crossbeam, in a suspended state; the dynamic cone of the medium and fine crushing cone is completely supported on the spherical bearing pad, which can improve the production efficiency during production, avoid the wear of the vulnerable parts of the equipment, and extend the service life of the equipment.

For inertia cone crusher manufacturers, when they produce different types of crushers, they should plan reasonably according to the nature of various equipment. For the ore discharge opening, the coarse crusher generally controls the adjustment of the whole ore discharge opening by over regulating the moving cone in the production process; for the medium and fine crusher, in the production process, the adjustment of the ore discharge opening is generally achieved by adjusting the top cone so as to maintain normal production.

The inertia cone crusher manufacturer said that in fact, the structure of the fine crusher is more precise and the crusher is more thorough. However, in production, it is necessary to combine the coarse crusher and the medium and fine crusher, which are indispensable. These two kinds of inertia cone structures are different. I hope that all operators should have a deep understanding of them, master the basic skills of their operation, and achieve safe and efficient production.


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