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Industry Wind Vane Vertical Counterattack Coal Breaker To Develop Energy Saving And Environmental Protection Market

Last Update:2020-05-12 10:39:54

In the 12th Five Year Plan, it is clearly proposed that the development of green mine economy should adhere to the policy guidance and market mechanism, so as to find a breakthrough for the development of new energy economy. Under the environment of large market, the policy call of energy conservation and emission reduction and the proposal of low-carbon economy put forward the standards for the technical renewal of mining machinery in China. In particular, the vertical counterattack coal crusher for the development of traditional resources needs to do a good job in low energy consumption and pollution-free production, and achieve the established goal of China's economic development plan.

Energy saving and environmental protection crusher equipment not only meets the development needs of China's circular economy, but also is a good medicine to deal with the market downturn in the future. In order to develop traditional resources, especially coal mining, the burden structure of blast furnace should be optimized and the iron steel ratio should be reduced. At the same time, it is necessary to develop the coal deep processing industry, achieve the very large utilization of resources, develop underground coal gasification, desulfurization, coal water slurry, briquette and other clean coal technologies, implement the coal mine energy-saving technology transformation, and strengthen the comprehensive utilization of coal gangue. The coal breaking production line of vertical impact crusher needs to further strengthen the research on desulfurization technology and improve the supporting facilities for low-carbon production.

In the face of the development trend in the industry, the vertical impact crusher "dressed in green" and taking the road of energy conservation and environmental protection are the key period adjustments made under the guidance of the policy. To be exact, this reform is a breakthrough with both opportunities and challenges. Technically, on the basis of ensuring the existing production capacity, the impact crusher should further reduce energy consumption and pollution, improve the coal crushing ratio, enrich minerals from the source of mining, and improve the application rate of raw ore.

The traditional coal production technology has reached a bottleneck period. In order to give full play to China's energy advantages, there is a good development space for the adjustment of energy conservation and environmental protection of coal processing equipment. As the pillar industry of China's economic development, the development of the mining industry should adhere to the strategic emerging industries, and the reform of the vertical counterattack coal crusher should aim at high efficiency and environmental protection, be brave in innovation, and use new technology to transform the production mode of traditional resources. The development of large energy-saving and environmental protection market of impact crusher marks the transformation of China's mining machinery from energy and labor-intensive to capital and technology intensive and sustainable development.


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