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Improvement And Improvement Of Production Capacity By Technical Parameters Of Counterattack

Last Update:2020-05-10 08:03:38

With the continuous development and progress of our country, in the industrial production and construction, it is more necessary to protect the environment. The research and development of new technical parameters for counterattack greatly meets the people's idea and requirements. The main function of impact breaking is to break materials of different hardness and size to the size and fineness required by production, so as to meet everyone's demand for production materials. The weight of impact breaking in the process of processing has a great impact on the whole production line. Now let's learn more about the new advantages of counterattack parameters.

Compared with the crushing equipment we used in the past, the total amount of products that can be broken in unit time by the new parameters is larger, which is twice the total output of the traditional equipment. Because in terms of output, it can meet everyone's pursuit for production efficiency in a larger range. Moreover, under the new parameters, the particle size of the production of the new parameters is relatively uniform, and the shape is also larger than that of the traditional equipment Relatively stable.

The technical principle of impact breaking in crushing work is totally different from that of traditional crushing equipment. The new impact breaking technical parameters adopt the secondary impact technology to reduce the destructive force of friction in grinding, and the overall energy consumption of the equipment used in operation is reduced a lot, which greatly reduces the capital investment of the manufacturer in the crusher parts and the whole crushing work The energy consumption of the production line is also greatly reduced. Under such a result, the new technical parameters of counterattack make the whole process of counterattack processing more economical, and the cost invested by the company is directly reduced, so it is also one of the characteristics of counterattack.

Although the weight of the counterattack is relatively large, it does not affect its efficiency. All kinds of coarse, medium and fine materials (granite, limestone, concrete, etc.) with particle size not more than 500mm and compressive strength not more than 350Mpa for impact breaking feed. More importantly, contrary to the fact that the weight of the impact breaking is very large, the volume of the impact breaking is very small, the finished product is cubic, and the structure is relatively simple, the crushing ratio is large, the energy consumption is less, the production capacity is large, the particle size of the product is uniform, and the impact of selective crushing is also significant. It is widely used in various industries such as ore crushing, railway, highway, energy, cement, chemical industry, construction, etc. Its discharge particle size can be adjusted, and the crushing specifications are diversified. The gravel crusher is defined according to the type of discharge. The finished products produced include stone and artificial sand, also known as gravel production line. It is equivalent to the combination of stone production line and sand production line.

No matter what the weight of counterattack is, it determines the productivity and capacity consumption of counterattack, which is more important or the parameters of counterattack, so I hope you have a certain understanding of the technical parameters of counterattack, and accurately grasp the technical parameters of counterattack when using the counterattack, so that the counterattack can become a very large supporting equipment in our production line.


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