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Impact Crusher Promotes The Development Of Sandstone Industry In Guizhou

Last Update:2020-05-12 16:18:14

As the national 12th Five Year Plan for infrastructure construction continues to increase, Guizhou Province, a major energy province, has accelerated the pace of infrastructure construction and production construction. In the face of the expansion of local infrastructure projects, relying on the local rich limestone, sandstone, phosphorus, bauxite and other mineral resources, Guizhou mining, sandstone aggregate production is in full swing. At the same time, the crusher industry in mining equipment has also been developed rapidly. The expensive impact crusher is widely used in the production of sand and stone. To some extent, it promotes the development of sandstone industry in Guizhou.

Limestone and sandstone in Guizhou belong to medium hardness materials. According to the application scope of different crushing equipment and the hardness of materials that can be treated, cone crusher, hammer crusher and impact crusher can meet the requirements. But the cone crusher has high price and high investment cost; the hammer crusher has fast loss and low efficiency; while the impact crusher can not only meet the requirements of stable performance and long-term continuous operation, but also save money, which is a more economic choice. Guizhou impact crusher is a promising equipment with small volume, simple structure, large crushing ratio, less energy consumption, large production capacity, uniform product size and selective crushing effect.

The design of the impact breaking equipment has a new design principle. With the new concept crushing technology, it can meet the crushing requirements of different material specifications, and can realize the new process of "more crushing and less grinding". The principle of "stone and iron" not only has a large crushing ratio, but also has a low unit power consumption. Through many large-scale sand and stone production projects, it is proved that it has a good application prospect in the sand and stone crushing industry. There are a lot of manufacturers in Guizhou Province to fight back. When users choose, they should do a good job of investigation and choose reliable manufacturers.

The advantages of impact crusher make it an indispensable equipment in stone production line and sand production line. The impact crusher is applicable to a wider range of material hardness, which can more effectively handle materials with high humidity and prevent material blockage. It is convenient and flexible to adjust the size of discharge. Wear of wearing parts is small and metal utilization rate is high. The replacement of parts is simple and the maintenance cost is reduced correspondingly.


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