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Hubei Crushing Machinery Manufacturer Explains How To Repair The Equipment Correctly

Last Update:2020-05-01 00:31:07

Crushing machinery is widely used in modern production. In fact, when Hubei crushing machinery is used, its environment is generally very bad, which puts forward high requirements for the normal use of equipment, and also has high technical and water standards for the technology of operators. In case of operation error or other reasons during use, it is likely to cause equipment failure or production accident. Then let Hubei crusher factory explain how to repair the equipment correctly.

When Hubei crusher is in use, if it is used for a long time, its parts will be worn or damaged in varying degrees. At this time, it is necessary to timely check and repair replacement to ensure normal use. For the common damage of the equipment, it needs to be determined by relevant personnel in time. Generally, there are several methods for determination: relevant inspection of parts of Hubei crushing machinery, inspection with special tools, and relevant measurement of temperature.

Before the official start of Hubei crushing machinery, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection on its main parts and relevant supporting facilities, pay more attention to the connection of some parts and components, and check whether they are connected correctly and loose in time. Once it is found that it is loose, it is necessary to tighten it with professional tools in time, at the same time, the oil stain on the equipment parts should be removed in time, so as to ensure the efficient operation of Hubei crusher.

For the gradual gap of the parts of the equipment in Hubei crusher factory, comprehensive measurement should also be paid attention to. Generally, the measurement tools used are lead wire or hand feeler gauge or lead wire. If the gap size is more than 0.2mm, it needs to use some large Hubei crusher hand shaking parts to determine whether the gap is too large. For some smaller gaps, it generally needs to use lead wire, feeler gauge and other tools for accurate measurement to determine.

In fact, the main method for correct maintenance of Hubei crushing machinery is the above several. I believe you are familiar with the basic maintenance methods. In addition, all operators and maintenance personnel should be reminded that they should pay enough attention to the daily operation and maintenance of Hubei crusher, so as to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment and the great production efficiency.


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