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How To Use The Slag Reasonably

Last Update:2020-05-13 11:34:37

How to use the slag reasonably has become the heart disease of every entrepreneur. If the slag can not be used reasonably, it is a waste of resources for entrepreneurs. In this regard, the coal slag crusher manufacturers put forward technical requirements for bare ferry, using a special crusher to crush coal slag, which is called the coal slag crusher in the market. Only knowing the crusher, can we use the slag in a better and reasonable way.

Generally speaking, the cinder after boiler combustion can be used after being processed by cinder crusher. However, for the cinder just out of the furnace, it can not be used immediately because of its unstable components. In the past, the method of stacking and aging was used to remove the dead blocks, such as overheated lime, which often resulted in the cracking of the volume expansion of the finished product due to some other reasons, resulting in very serious consequences. Coal slag crusher manufacturer said that in order to avoid the above problems, it is required to water and stack the coal slag for 3-6 days before use.

The traditional coal slag crusher has a great demand for moisture content, which is not suitable for crushing raw materials with moisture content more than 8%. Once the moisture content exceeds the standard, the crusher will be seriously blocked in the work, resulting in the hammer not rotating, and even the serious situation of burning out the motor, which greatly affects the production. Nowadays, with the help of high and new technology, according to the specific situation of the coal slag, the coal slag crusher adopts the device without the bottom of the screen grate. Even the material with a large moisture content can be broken normally without blocking.

Today's coal slag crusher will not only not block the phenomenon, but also according to the production needs of different fineness of particle size, to meet the different needs of users. Broken particles can reach two millimeters, which provides entrepreneurs with many advantages. The high-tech cinder crusher does not require production conditions, and can work normally outdoors even in rainy days as long as the user needs, and the equipment will not be affected or damaged in the slightest.

In a word, the coal slag crusher manufacturers say that the reasonable use of coal slag can not be separated from the help of modern coal slag crusher. Therefore, it is suggested that the user should choose the crusher made by the regular manufacturer, so as to ensure the equipment technology, quality, performance, after-sales service, etc. Today's crushers are highly automated, and the operation is simple and safe, one person can achieve safe operation.


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