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How To Use And Maintain The Mechanical Equipment Of Stone Crusher Reasonably

Last Update:2020-05-13 15:50:03

Users tend to pay more attention when purchasing stone crushing machinery, because the cost and price of the enterprise are considered. Generally, after buying the crushing machinery and equipment, I feel that the whole person is relaxed. I think that waiting for the crusher to help me make money. In fact, it's not true that the purchase of the crusher machinery is very important, which has a direct bearing on the later production efficiency, but I can't ignore the normal use and maintenance of the equipment. Once the equipment is used improperly, it is easy to have all kinds of faults and problems. If the crusher is not used properly, it will cause problems The service life will be shortened. Next, I will briefly introduce how to use and maintain the stone crushing machine reasonably.

The front row is the normal startup and use of crusher machinery. Don't start production before the crusher starts to operate normally. In this way, the crusher may make a lot of noise, or be forced to shut down to cause failure, and even cause unnecessary casualties. Therefore, when the equipment is put into the production line, it is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and then evenly put the materials into the crusher equipment to avoid uneven feeding, excessive feeding and other phenomena.

Second, after talking about the charging, let's talk about the shutdown after discharging. Maybe you think it's just downtime? Who can't? Just turn off the switch and unplug the power? In this way, the consequence of operating the crushing machinery and equipment is that there may be too much material piling up in the crusher machinery, which will directly block the equipment. The correct way of operation should be to turn off the switch of the equipment and cut off the power supply after the materials displayed in the equipment are completely discharged, and then the crusher will not be stuck due to the last material accumulation when the machine is started.

Third, the stone crushing machinery should pay attention to the daily basic maintenance and inspection. Pay attention to the routine start-up inspection of the crushing machinery and equipment, including whether the parts are damaged, whether the transmission is blocked, and timely rest to remove the residual material waste in case of any fault. In addition, it is also necessary to check the internal connection of the crusher. If a small screw is loose, it may cause abnormal shutdown of the equipment or unnecessary loss of personnel and property. It is worth noting that to improve the fast operation of the crusher equipment, we can see whether the lubricating oil of the equipment needs to be added. Too little lubricating oil reduces the production efficiency and also causes equipment wear.

A good stone crushing machine not only needs to be purchased well, but also needs to know how to use it reasonably to give full play to its very large performance, how to maintain it properly to reduce the damage to a large extent and extend the service life of the crushing machinery. And correct use and maintenance can not only ensure the normal operation of equipment, but also ensure the safety of operators and the interests of enterprises.


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