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How To Understand The Operation Of Bentonite Mill On Site

Last Update:2020-05-07 22:06:04

As a member of the grinding equipment, the bentonite grinder has strong performance and advantages, mainly used to process bentonite equipment, but it can not only process bentonite, only reach the production scope of the equipment can be used for processing. Many users only have a preliminary understanding of the bentonite grinder. For example, some users do not know how to start the production process because of some problems after purchasing the equipment. Let's share with you some information about whether or not the equipment is in fault and where the fault occurs through the operation of bentonite pulverizer. First of all, there are two main reasons for the vibration or noise of the bentonite grinding machine when it is working. One is that the grinding chamber of the grinding machine is filled with metal materials that are not easy to grind, and the other is that the accessories in the grinding chamber are worn out due to long-term use. Secondly, when the bentonite pulverizer vibrates violently in production, the main reason is that the accessories in the grinding chamber are worn seriously after long-term use, which will lead to the uneven stress of the material in production, thus resulting in vibration. The other reason is that the bolt is loose and the equipment is unstable, which leads to the vibration. Thirdly, the finished materials produced by the bentonite mill are too coarse, which is mainly caused by the serious abrasion of the blades of the separator, which leads to the failure of the powder separation; the excessive air volume in the grinding production line leads to the collection of large particles through the separator; the accessories in the grinding chamber are worn, which leads to the insufficient grinding of materials.


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